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NBA 2K24: How to Recover Missing, Deleted or Corrupted MyPLAYER File Save

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Balling with your homies in the MyCareer mode of NBA 2K24 and suddenly can’t find your saved files? That’s like landing an epic alley-oop, only to have the ball vanish mid-air. We get it—it’s incredibly frustrating.


Corrupted files are a bummer, and they usually can’t be recovered. But missing files? There’s still hope for those. This guide aims to give you a solid assist by showing you how to recover your lost MyCareer data. Whether you’re playing NBA 2K24 on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or Steam, we’ve got the steps to help get you back in the game.



PlayStation 4:

PlayStation 4 utilizes an automatic update feature, which by default, backs up your saved data in the cloud. In case you’re unable to find the most recent MyCareer file, follow these steps to retrieve it:


  • Navigate to the Dynamic Menu on your PlayStation 4.


  • Proceed to Settings and then Application Data Management.


  • In the subsequent menu, select Save Data in Online Storage and then Download to System Storage.


  • The list of your saved game data should appear. Select NBA 2K24 and proceed to download all files starting with MyCareer.



PlayStation 5:

The process for PlayStation 5 is quite similar to its predecessor:


  • Open Settings on your PlayStation 5.


  • Navigate to Games/Apps & Saved Data.


  • From here, go to Saved Data > Cloud Storage > NBA 2K24.


  • Proceed to Download to Console Storage.



Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S:

The Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S operate slightly differently, as they do not permit manual uploads or downloads of saved files. Rather, as long as you’re connected to Xbox Live, your files are automatically uploaded and downloaded from the Microsoft Cloud Exchange. If you face any problems accessing the files, consider visiting Xbox’s FAQ section for troubleshooting tips and guidance on correctly utilizing their system.




Steam offers both local and cloud backups, so once you’ve purchased a game, your progress is stored in the cloud. For added safety, you can create a local backup:


To create a local backup:


  • Launch the Steam app.


  • On the upper left corner of the app, click on Steam.


  • Navigate to Backup and Restore Games, then Backup Currently Installed Programs and click Next.


  • You can now select the games you want to back up, followed by the location on your hard drive where you want to store the backup.


In case you need to restore from a local backup:


  • Click on Steam in the upper left corner.


  • Proceed to Backup and Restore Games and then Restore Previous Backup.


  • Navigate to the folder where you backed up the files.


  • Simply follow the prompts to reinstall the game in its previous version.



Nintendo Switch:

For the Nintendo Switch, there are two ways to download MyCareer save files:



Method 1 – Software Menu:

  • Launch the game’s software menu and choose Save Data Cloud.


  • Select the user, and then proceed to Download Save Data.



Method 2 – System Settings:

  • From the Home screen, navigate to System Settings > Data Management > Save Data Cloud.


  • Select the appropriate user and pick the specific backup file you wish to download onto your device.


  • Finally, select Download Save Data.


Remember, frequently back up your game data to avoid losing progress. Always ensure that your systems are properly linked to their respective cloud services, and regularly check that the automatic backup features are functioning as expected.


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