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NBA 2K24: How to Change Hair

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NBA 2K24 ain’t just about wrecking the rim or droppin’ treys. You gotta stay fresh while you’re runnin’ the show. Your ‘do won’t up your points, but you’ll sure be turning heads while you’re breaking ankles. This guide’s got the scoop on how to shake up your player’s hairstyle and make sure you’re always looking fresh to death on the court.



Making a Pit Stop at the Barbershop

First up, you got a chance to change your hair at the barbershop. Check out how to get it done:


  • Scope Out the Barbershop: The joint’s pretty easy to find. Look for the scissors icon on your map. But remember, you can only hit up the shop once you’re drafted into the NBA.


  • Choose Your ‘Do: The shop’s got a crazy variety of haircuts. From old-school fades and afros to modern man buns or undercuts, you can find a style that fits your swag.


  • Drop the Dough: Found a haircut you’re feelin’? Time to pay up with VC, the in-game cash in NBA 2K24. Depending on how fancy the hairstyle is, you might have to dig a little deeper into your VC wallet.


Don’t stress if you get tired of your new style. The barbershop’s always there when you’re ready for a fresh chop.



Quick Change with MyPlayer

If you’re looking to switch things up fast and don’t feel like cruisin’ to the barbershop, you can do it all from the MyPlayer tab. Here’s the lowdown:


  • Hop into MyPlayer: From the main menu, click on the MyPlayer tab. This is your personal hub for all things you.


  • Check out Appearance: Inside MyPlayer, you’ll find ‘Appearance.’ Click that, and you’ll have a whole bunch of ways to customize your look.


  • Pick Your Hair: In the Appearance options, you’ll see ‘Hair.’ Slide left or right until you find a style that’s all you. Heads up though, your choices here might not be as deep as the barbershop.


  • Dial it In: After you’ve got your style, you can tweak the color, pattern, and length until your player’s hair is straight fire.


NBA 2K24’s got everything you need to make sure your player isn’t just balling on the court, but also stunting with their look. Swapping your hairstyle might not sink the game-winning shot, but you’ll definitely be looking dope while you’re doing it. So express yourself, make a statement, and remember, in NBA 2K24, it’s all about the game and the glam.


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