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NBA 2K24: Advanced Passing Guide

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Steppin’ onto the hardwood of NBA 2K24, it’s easy to get caught up in the high-flying dunks, deep threes, and ankle-breaking crossovers. But, true ballers know the real secret to dominating the game is in the art of passing. Delivering that sweet dish that slices through defenses and sets up your teammate for an easy bucket – that’s the stuff of legends.


Just think back to the maestros of the real NBA. The floor generals like Magic Johnson, whose visionary passing would leave the crowd and opponents alike in awe. Or the relentless drive and pinpoint dishes of John Stockton, who’d thread the needle through an entire defense. Not forgetting the modern-day virtuosos like Chris Paul and LeBron James, who redefine the concept of a perfect pass on a nightly basis.


Just like these legends, in NBA 2K24, you’ve got an entire toolset at your disposal to send that rock around the court like a seasoned pro. It’s not just about the ‘X’ or ‘A’ button for a normal pass, oh no. The game has evolved, and with it, so have the ways to distribute the ball.


With this guide, you’re about to step into the big leagues, turning your passing game from mundane to magical. Let’s get into it!



Command the Court: A Breakdown of NBA 2K24 Passing Controls

Normal Pass: The bread and butter of any baller’s game. It’s as simple as hitting ‘X‘ on your PlayStation controller or ‘A‘ on your Xbox controller. Use the Left Stick to pick out your teammate on the court.


Bounce Pass: This is your go-to when you need to slide the ball under those pesky defenders. Just tap the ‘Circle‘ button on PlayStation or ‘B‘ on Xbox and let the Left Stick guide your pass.


Lob Pass: Need to arc that ball over a towering defender? The Lob Pass is your friend. It’s ‘Triangle‘ on PlayStation and ‘Y‘ on Xbox. Again, the Left Stick is your guide.


Skip Pass: Lookin’ to catch the D napping with a long-range dish? Hold down ‘X‘ on PlayStation or ‘A‘ on Xbox for a Skip Pass that’ll zip across the court.


Fake Pass: This one’s for the tricksters. Got a defender biting on every move? Give ’em the old ‘Triangle + Circle‘ combo on PlayStation or ‘Y + B‘ on Xbox and watch ’em jump at shadows.


Jump Pass: A high-risk, high-reward move that can unlock a stubborn defense. Hit ‘Square + X‘ on PlayStation or ‘X + A‘ on Xbox when you’re stationary or driving to the hoop.


Icon Pass: For those moments when you’ve gotta thread the needle. Press ‘R1‘ on PlayStation or ‘RB‘ on Xbox, then hit the action button for your desired receiver.


Alley-oop: Time for some sky-high theatrics. Double-tap ‘Triangle‘ on PlayStation or ‘Y‘ on Xbox. The Left Stick will guide the flight path.


Lead to Basket Pass: Get your teammate cutting to the hoop with a well-timed press and hold of ‘Triangle‘ on PlayStation or ‘Y‘ on Xbox. Release to pass and watch the magic happen.


Touch Pass: Keep the ball movin’ with a quick touch pass. Press ‘X‘ on PlayStation or ‘A‘ on Xbox before the initial receiver gets the ball. Use the Left Stick to pick out the next receiver.


Pro Stick Pass: For ultimate control, the Pro Stick Pass is your go-to. Hold ‘R1‘ on PlayStation or ‘RB‘ on Xbox and move the Right Stick in the desired direction.


Give and Go: An old-school classic. Press and hold ‘X‘ on PlayStation or ‘A‘ on Xbox until your receiver gets the rock. Use the Left Stick to move your passer, then release to get the ball back.


Rolling Inbound: Press ‘Triangle‘ on PlayStation or ‘Y‘ on Xbox during baseline inbounds when there are no defenders around.


Receiver Control Pass: This move is not always used but can be quite handy in certain situations. To execute it, you first need to enable Receiver Control in Controller Settings. With this, you can then press and hold ‘Circle‘ on PlayStation or ‘B‘ on Xbox, and use the Left Stick to control the receiver’s movement. Release the button to make the pass.


Alley-oop to Self: Here’s a move for those special show-off moments. To execute an alley-oop to self, double-tap ‘Triangle‘ or ‘Y‘ and move the Left Stick towards the hoop. It’s high-risk, high-reward but can be a crowd-pleaser.


Flashy Pass: Nothing like a bit of flair to keep the game exciting. To make a Flashy Pass, you’ll want to double-tap ‘Circle‘ on PlayStation or ‘B‘ on Xbox. Remember to use the Left Stick to select your intended receiver.


Targeted Pass: To have more control over who receives your pass, you’ll want to use a Targeted Pass. Press ‘R1‘ on PlayStation or ‘RB‘ on Xbox, then hit the corresponding action button of your chosen receiver.


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