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NBA 2K24: How Do You Do a Half Court Press

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So, what’s the half-court press all about? Picture this: you’re on D, but instead of chillin’ back, waiting for the opposition to bring the rock up the court, you and your squad are all up in their grill from the half-court line. The whole idea is to strangle their offense before it even gets a chance to breathe.


The key to a half-court press in NBA 2K24 is to get the opposition playing hot potato, make ’em feel trapped, hustle them into turnovers, and switch their focus from the shot clock.



Makin’ the Half Court Press Happen

Now let’s talk turkey – how do you flex a half-court press in NBA 2K24? Here’s the step-by-step:


On defense:


  • Hit the D-pad to the left.


  • Smack R1/RB to flip the script to the next set of options.


  • Flick the right stick to the left.


Boom, you’ve just made the half-court press happen.



Pros of the Half Court Press

The half-court press is full of perks. You’re up in the face of shooters at the half-court, snagging them way sooner than they’d like. This keeps your defender from getting caught napping and coughing up an easy three-pointer.


Second, the half-court press is a real buzzkill for turbo freaks. Defenders at the half-court can body up or even take charges against the ball handler, leading to turnovers and easy buckets on the other end.



Cons of the Half Court Press

While the half-court press is dope, it’s got a couple of downsides. Going all-in so far up the court can leave your own half wide open, creating holes in your D. Sharp opponents can exploit this, passing around your press or just blowing by your defenders.


Plus, running a half-court press can tire out your crew. It’s high-energy defense, and if your bench isn’t deep, you might wind up running on fumes.



Baller Tips

Now that you’re hip to the half-court press, here are a few pointers:


  • Keep it 100 with your team: Make sure everybody’s on point. One dude out of sync can make your whole scheme fall apart.


  • Don’t overdo it: If you rock the half-court press too much, opponents will see it coming a mile away. Keep it as your ace in the hole, or when you need to flip the script in the game.


  • Match it to your team: If your squad is all about D and has the stamina, the half-court press can be your bread and butter. But if your team’s slower or runs out of gas fast, you might want to stick with regular D.


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