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NBA 2K24: Best Popper Build

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Yo, what’s good hoop heads? If you’re looking to dominate the paint while still popping those deadly mid-rangers and threes in NBA 2K24, then I gotchu. The Popper build is essentially that perfect blend of a big who can shoot, make plays and defend with authority.




Height: 6’9″ – You might think it’s a lil short for a big man but trust, you’re gonna be ballin’ with all these small-ball lineups out there.


Weight: 225 lbs – You ain’t tryna be some skinny big out there getting bodied. 225 is that sweet spot, giving you that strength and speed combo. It’s key for this build, especially if you wanna hold it down in the paint.


Wingspan: 7’2″ – Bro, that’s those go-go-gadget arms! This right here will have you swatting shots, snagging boards, and still popping threes like Curry.



Shooting Skills

First off, let’s talk greens.


  • Corner Shots: For those corner threes, the Green Machine badge is gonna be your best friend. It’ll boost your shooting accuracy after consecutive successful shots.


  • Three-Point Shots: Equip your player with a decent 3-point rating (82 is ideal). If you’re aiming for those park games, adjust it accordingly.


  • Free Throws: Got a 57 free throw rating, which ain’t bad for a big… But if you’re diving into MyCareer or the Rec, you might wanna juice it up a bit more.



Playmaking Abilities

  • Pass Accuracy: With a 75 pass accuracy, you’re unlocking those quick, flash-like passes. It’s not just about flashy moves; badges like ‘Silver Break Starter’ and ‘Silver Dimer’ will keep your team’s offense fluid.


  • Ball Handling: You’re a big, so a 40 ball handle is plenty. It’s not all about those Kyrie moves; you just need enough to keep the ball safe from those pesky guards.



Defensive Dominance

  • Interior Defense: With 2K24 giving a mad boost to interior defense, we’re maxing ours out at 90. This gets you the ‘Gold Anchor’ badge which is a game-changer for those nasty blocks and paint contests.


  • Perimeter Defense: You ain’t just a paint beast; with a 75 perimeter defense, you can hold your own against those pesky slashers and sharpshooters. Equip badges like ‘Ankle Braces’ and ‘Bronze Clamps’ to keep ‘em in check.


  • Steal & Block: 70 steal and a whopping 92 block? Bro, you’re a fortress. ‘Interceptor’ on bronze for those sneaky steals and ‘Silver Chase Down Artist’ for those LeBron-like block moments.



Rebounding Skills

  • Defensive Rebound: At 86, you’re grabbing boards left and right. ‘Gold Box Out Beast’ will keep the paint yours.


  • Offensive Rebound: Even at 46, you can still snag some missed shots and keep the play alive.



Physical Prowess

Let’s talk bodywork.


  • Speed: Max out at 78. You wanna be agile outpacing other bigs and getting into position quickly.


  • Acceleration: Boost it to 63. Perfect for those fast breaks or quick roll after a screen.


  • Strength: 91 is where you’re at. It’s all about that bully ball!! With badges like ‘Bulldozer’ and ‘Enforcer’, you’re the tank on the court…


  • Vertical & Stamina: With a 78 vertical and a 96 stamina, you’re set for those high-flying dunks and endless hustles.



Extra Tips

  • Work on badges that complement your style. ‘Special Delivery’ for those flashy assists or ‘Spot Finder’ for better shot accuracy in your hotspots.


  • Understand the build’s strengths and play to them. Run pick & pops, set solid screens and don’t forget to stretch the floor with your shooting abilities…


  • Adjust the build according to the mode you play the most. Park games might need different tweaks compared to Rec games.


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