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NBA 2K24: Best Klay THOMPSON Build

NBA 2K24: Best Klay THOMPSON Build

Yo, what’s good, fam? If you’re here, you’re probably lookin’ to cook up a Klay Thompson build in NBA 2K24 that’s as fire as the man himself. I got you! Grab your snacks, sit back, and let’s dive into this deep guide. We talkin’ about the dude who can light up a 3-pointer with his eyes closed and lock down on defense like a pitbull. Yeah, that’s Klay Thompson for you!



Player Creation Details

Position: Shooting Guard.


Height: 6’6″, just like the man himself.


Weight: 215 lbs for that solid build.


Wingspan: 6’6″



Attributes Breakdown

Close Shot – 76: Klay ain’t all about that inside life, but with a 76, he’s still reliable when he’s up close, doin’ his thing.


Driving Layup – 80: Man’s got finesse. 80 ensures he’s gliding to the basket and laying it in smooth.


Driving Dunk – 65: Look, Klay ain’t throwing down monster jams like Zion, but with a 65, he can catch a body when he wants.


Standing Dunk – 0: Bruh, this ain’t Klay’s style. We keeping it a buck – you won’t see him doing standing jams.


Post Control – 61: Occasionally, Klay might back down a smaller guard in the post. With a 61, he ain’t too shabby.


Mid-Range Shot – 85: Dude’s money from the mid. Give him space, and it’s cash money all day with that 85 rating.


Three-Point Shot – 94: No cap, this is what Klay’s all about. That deep ball’s so clean, defenders don’t even wanna see it. Wet like water.


Free Throw – 88: Calm, cool, and collected from the line. With an 88, expect nothing but net.


Pass Accuracy – 77: Klay ain’t droppin’ dimes like Magic, but with a 77, he’s tossing solid passes to keep the offense flowing.


Ball Handle – 77: He ain’t gonna be breaking many ankles, but he’s secure with the rock. No butterfingers here…


Speed With Ball – 70: He ain’t the fastest dude with the rock, but a 70 ensures he gets where he needs to go.


Interior Defense – 60: He’s more about that perimeter life, but with a 60, he ain’t getting bullied down low either.


Perimeter Defense – 93: Bro, this is where Klay shines. A 93? Opposing guards better think twice before trying him.


Steal – 62: Sneaky hands. Might not be in the passing lanes all the time, but he’ll swipe it when you least expect.


Block – 58: He ain’t a shot-blocking monster, but he’s getting a piece of that rock every now and then.


Offensive Rebound – 59: Not the main man on the boards, but he’ll snag some key O-boards when the team needs it.


Defensive Rebound – 50: Again, rebounding ain’t his main gig, but he’s still holding his own.


Speed – 71: Quick enough to navigate the court, sprinting through those screens and getting his shots off.


Acceleration – 73: Can hit that next gear when needed, especially when breaking away for those fast breaks.


Strength – 60: Solid. Not getting pushed around easily. Strong enough to keep his ground.


Vertical – 70: Enough bounce to contest shots and maybe even get a poster dunk on someone.


Stamina – 99: Man’s an energizer bunny. Running around screens, playing tight D, and still ready to shoot that clutch shot.



Gameplay Tips for the Klay Thompson Build

Yo, you’ve got the breakdown, now let’s get into the real sauce – how to dominate with this Klay Thompson build:


Catch and Shoot is Your Bread and Butter: Klay is known for his quick release, so get ready to let it fly as soon as you catch that rock. Don’t hesitate; if you’re open, it’s go time!


Run Them Off Screens: If you’ve watched the real Klay, you know he’s always moving off-ball. Use screens to your advantage. Get your teammates to set picks and then splash it from downtown.


Lockdown Defense: Remember, Klay isn’t just a shooter. He’s a two-way player -> use that perimeter defense to smother your matchup. Make them regret even bringing the ball up!!


Avoid the Paint: This ain’t a Giannis build. While Klay can drive occasionally, you want to avoid getting caught up with the bigs down low. Keep your game around the perimeter.


Quick Transition: Use that speed and acceleration to your advantage. If there’s a change in possession, dart down the court. You’re a prime target for those quick transition threes…


Keep Your Hands Active: Even if you’re not getting steals every possession, use those hands to disrupt passing lanes and make your matchup second guess every move.


Pick Your Battles in the Paint: You might not be the biggest dude on the court, but if you see a mismatch, take advantage. Back down that smaller guard and get those easy points.


Endurance is Key: Utilize that insane stamina. While others are getting gassed out by the 4th, you’re just heating up. Continue running those plays, darting around screens, and staying aggressive.


Know Your Hot Zones: While Klay can pretty much shoot from anywhere, it’s always good to know your hot spots on the court. Find those sweet spots and make it rain.


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