Yo, hoop dreamers! Ever tried to replicate that silky smooth Shai Gilgeous-Alexander game in 2K? That dude’s moves are straight-up liquid on the court, and if you’re trying to recreate that magic on NBA 2K24, you’ve landed in the right place. Let’s dive into creating the baddest SGA build…



Build Basics

  • Position: SG


  • Height: 6’6” – Tall enough to see over defenders, but agile enough to break ankles.


  • Weight: 195 lbs – Lean, mean, crossing machine.


  • Wingspan: 7 feet – Ready to snatch balls and toss no-look dimes.



Attributes Breakdown

Scoring Game

  • Close Shot (71): Our boy ain’t exactly dominant in the paint, but he can get the job done when he needs to. Solid 71.


  • Driving Layup (91): Now we talking! SGA’s layup package is butter. No surprise he’s rocking a 91 here. Dude’s a menace when driving to the rack.


  • Driving Dunk (73): While he’s not out here posterizing everyone, he can throw down when the lane’s open. Respectable 73.


  • Standing Dunk (0): Bruh, don’t even try it. Leave those standing jams to the big dudes.


  • Post Control (65): Got a little shimmy in the post, enough to get by. Ain’t no Tim Duncan, but he’s got some moves down low.


  • Mid-Range Shot (89): Mid-range game’s on point! Dude can pull up like it’s nothing. Straight cash.


  • Three-Point Shot (82): Oh, you thought he was just an inside guy? Nah, fam, he’s draining treys with an 82. Splash!


  • Free Throw (75): Freebies are key, and he’s pretty clutch from the stripe. Solid 75.



Playmaking Magic

  • Pass Accuracy (84): Homie’s dropping dimes like it’s a loose change machine. Vision’s 20/20 with that 84.


  • Ball Handle (85): Got handles like he’s cooking with a frying pan. Saucy.


  • Speed With Ball (83): When SGA’s on the move, best believe he’s zoomin’ past defenders.



Lockdown Defense

  • Interior Defense (28): Look, SGA ain’t no big man. Don’t expect him to be swatting shots in the paint.


  • Perimeter Defense (75): Can hold his own against those pesky shooters. Keep ’em in check with a 75.


  • Steal (72): Quick hands alert! He’ll snatch your lunch money if you’re not careful.


  • Block (0): Block game ain’t really there. Best to close out on shooters instead.


  • Offensive Rebound (0): Not the one to crash the O-boards. He’s looking to break out.


  • Defensive Rebound (30): Let’s be real, he ain’t there for the boards, he’s got other jobs to do.




  • Speed (82) & Acceleration (80): Whether it’s off the dribble or running the break, he’s got the jets to blow by.


  • Strength (68): While he ain’t the Hulk, he’s sturdy enough to not get bullied.


  • Vertical (70): Enough hops to grab those boards and get up for those dunks.


  • Stamina (93): Dude’s an energizer bunny, just keeps going and going. Run the offense through him without any worries.



Gameplay Tips to Ball Out with SGA

Ayy! Now that we got the blueprint for our SGA build, let’s lay down some tips to get you cookin’ on the sticks with this beast…


  • Master the Mid-range: With that sweet 89 on the mid-range, don’t sleep on those pull-up Js. Get your defender moving, hit them with a step-back or snatch-back, and let it fly. Bread and butter, baby!


  • Drive & Dish: Use that 91 driving layup to your advantage. Start slashing to the hoop, and when the defense collapses, kick it out to the open man. Easy assists all day.


  • Transition Ball: With SGA’s speed and acceleration, grab any loose ball and push the pace. Whether it’s a fast break or just getting into your sets quicker, apply that pressure.


  • Bait Those Passes: Given his 72 steal rating, play those passing lanes. Make your opponent think twice about those lazy passes.


  • Stay on the Perimeter: With a perimeter D of 75, challenge every outside shot. But remember, don’t get too jumpy; just close out and contest.


  • Three-Point Play: Though he’s more mid than deep, don’t be afraid to pop a trey now and then, especially if you got space. Catch ’em sleeping!


  • Mind the Stamina: Even though he’s got that 93 stamina, use him wisely. If he’s your main guy, occasionally give him a quick breather so he’s fresh for the clutch.


  • Pick Pocket: Try poking the ball free from ball handlers. With those quick hands, you never know when you might get a steal and an easy bucket on the other end.


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