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NBA 2K24: Best Kevin GARNETT Build

NBA 2K24: Best Kevin GARNETT Build

Ayy, what’s poppin’ hoop heads! If you’re out here lookin’ to replicate the legend, the Big Ticket himself – KG (Kevin Garnett) – in NBA 2K24, then you’ve come to the right spot. We about to break down this Celtics-era KG build piece by piece. So sit tight, fam; we goin’ in!


First thing’s first, when you boot up that MyPlayer builder, you gotta get into the mindset. Think of that iconic KG intensity, that hunger, that fire! We ain’t recreating no benchwarmer; we talkin’ about one of the illest power forwards the game has ever seen!



The Specs

Position: Nothin’ but PF (Power Forward) here. Don’t even think ’bout switchin’ it up.


Height: 6’11”. Tall enough to tower but agile enough to move.


Weight: 222 lbs. Lean, mean, KG machine.


Wingspan: Spread ’em out to 7’3″. Like the man’s about to take flight.



Attributes Breakdown

Scoring in the Paint

Close Shot (70): Bro, with a 70, you ain’t exactly Kareem with the skyhook, but you’ll drop buckets when you’re up close and personal. Get in there and make it count.


Driving Layup (70): We’re talking smooth moves to the basket here. You ain’t gliding like Kyrie, but you’re more than capable of finessing some lay-ins against them bigs. Make sure you’re attacking the paint with confidence.


Driving Dunk (70) & Standing Dunk (74): Okay, listen! You ain’t about to posterize like Zion, but you’ve got enough hops to throw it down when you’ve got an opening. Don’t sleep on that standing dunk though. When you’re right under the hoop, rise up and slam it down on ’em.



Mid-Range Maestro

Post Control (85): Ayyy, with that 85, you’re kinda like Hakeem in the post. Get them dream shakes ready, finesse your man, and drop that easy two. The paint is your playground.


Mid-Range Shot (85): Bro, if you’re open from mid, it’s basically cash. Think of it as KG’s bread and butter; that mid-range J should be money every time.


Three-Point Shot (44): Look, you ain’t no splash brother with a 44, but every once in a while, when stars align, you can knock one down from deep. But keep it 100, stick to your strengths.


Free Throw (78): Almost 80? That’s solid for a big man. Get fouled, go to the line, and knock them freebies down. No Shaqtin’ moments for you.




Pass Accuracy (69): You ain’t droppin’ dimes like CP3, but you can find your man cutting or spot up that open shooter. Remember, ball movement is key.


Ball Handle (60): You got some handles for a big. You ain’t about to be crossing folks up, but you won’t look silly out there either.


Speed With Ball (35): Look, you ain’t Westbrook. With the rock in hand, keep it slow and steady. Know when to pass or set things up.



Defensive Wall

Interior Defense (90): Man, with a 90, you’re basically a brick wall inside. Ain’t nobody getting easy buckets in the paint with you around. Protect the rim like it’s your house.


Perimeter Defense (63): Not elite, but hey, you can stay in front of your man and contest those shots. Just don’t get caught slippin’ on those speedy guards.


Steal (70): Got some quick hands there. You ain’t about to rob everyone, but you can catch some players slipping. Swipe those lazy passes.


Block (75): You see someone trying to go up -> meet them at the rim & let them know you’re there… Send it to the stands.



Board Man

Offensive Rebound (86) & Defensive Rebound (88): Board man gets paid! You’re out here snatching those misses like a hawk. On the defensive end, secure the rock. On the offensive end, give your team second chances.



Physical Stats

Speed (62): For a big man, you ain’t sluggish. You got some pep in your step, so transition plays are your friend.


Acceleration (49): Alright, you’re not hitting 0 to 100 real quick, but you can get moving when you need to. Use it wisely.


Strength (84): You’re a beast down low. Push around those weaker players and establish dominance in the paint.


Vertical (85): Bro, you’ve got hops! Perfect for them rebounds and contesting shots.


Stamina (95): You’re basically the Energizer bunny out here. Keep running, gunning, and doing your thing. Don’t worry about getting gassed.



Gameplay Tips: Ballin’ Like KG

Yo, so now that you got the blueprint for the Big Ticket, it’s time to rock that virtual hardwood the KG way. Let’s dive into how to best utilize this beast of a build:



In The Paint

Lay it Up: When you’re in traffic, look for that driving layup opportunity. Remember, you got the finesse for it. Don’t always go for the power move.


Rise & Shine: Catch your man sleeping? Take that standing dunk. That’s free points right there, fam. Poster time!



Mid-Range Game

Post Up: Utilize that post control, my dude. When you got a mismatch, back ’em down and hit them with the dream shake or a simple turn-around J.


Mid-Range is Your Friend: KG lived in the mid-range. If you see daylight from that 15-footer, pull up! Make defenders respect that jumper.


Three’s a Crowd: You ain’t Steph, so limit those three-point attempts unless you’re wide open or feeling lucky. You’re about the mid-range life.


At The Line: Got fouled? Easy money. Stay calm, follow through, and hit them freebies.



Making Plays

Sharing is Caring: Even though you’re a PF, you can still kick out to open teammates. Spot that open man on the perimeter or cutting to the rim. Keep them defenders guessing.


Slow Your Roll: Your ball-handling is decent, but remember you ain’t a PG. No rush. Set the tempo, wait for your team, and then make a move.



Lockdown D

Paint Protector: The paint is your kingdom. Don’t let anybody think they can just stroll in and lay it up. Contest every shot and make ’em think twice.


Stay On Your Toes: On the perimeter, don’t bite on every pump fake. Stay solid, use that wingspan, and contest without fouling.


Hands Up: Use those quick hands on defense. Look for opportunities to swipe the ball when they get lazy. Make ’em pay for every mistake.


Block Party: Someone’s feeling brave? Show them what’s up. Sky high and send that shot outta there!



Rebound Machine

Crash the Boards: Always be on the lookout for those rebounds. Whether it’s on offense or defense, secure that ball. Give your team those second chances or shut down the opponent’s offense with a strong defensive board.



Physique & Stamina

Run the Floor: Use that speed in transition. Whether it’s running the break or getting back on defense, be the first one there.


Power Moves: Use your strength in the post. Don’t be afraid to body up on those smaller forwards or centers. Make ’em feel you.


Hops For Days: Got an open lane? Go for the alley. Got a shot coming your way? Go for the block. That vertical is your secret weapon…


Marathon Man: With that insane stamina, push the tempo when needed. While others are gassed out in the 4th, you’re still fresh. Keep that energy up and dominate all game long.


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