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NBA 2K24: Best Anthony EDWARDS Build

Anthony EDWARDS in NBA 2K24

Yo, what’s good 2K fam? It’s ya boy, back at it again, and I’m ’bout to lace y’all with the blueprint to cook up the most wicked Ant-Man build in NBA 2K24! Y’all ever wanted to soar like the young king Anthony Edwards? Dunk, shoot and put those handles on display?? Say less! We diving deep today. We ain’t just skimming the surface; we going ALL IN! We’re crafting a beast guard that’s gonna have your opponents straight up SHOOK.



Position & Size

Position: Ideally, Shooting Guard. However, if you wanna be a lil’ spicy with it, PG ain’t a bad shout either.


Height: 6’5″ (cause we’re tweaking things a bit). If you’re tryna stay true to the source, 6’4″ is what 2K24 got listed for Ant, but we’re here to add a lil’ sauce.


Weight: Around 225 pounds. We’re going for that perfect blend of strength and agility.


Wingspan: Stretch those arms out to a 6’9″ wingspan.



Attribute Breakdown: Crafting that Ant-Man Essence

You wanna hoop like Ant-Man? Let’s take a peek at those attributes and get the low-down on how to make the most outta this build.


Close Shot – 48: Aight, I ain’t gonna front, this ain’t the highest. But remember, Edwards ain’t about those layups. You’re here to splash from mid and deep, or dunk on someone’s head. Play to your strengths.


Driving Dunk – 73: That’s decent! You won’t be sky-walking like VC in his prime, but you can catch a body if the lane’s open. With the Posterizer badge, this is enough to get flashy on fast breaks.


Post Control – 0: Man, you ain’t even touching post control. This build ain’t about backing down defenders in the paint like Shaq or Hakeem. You’re gonna wanna keep it moving, get to the rim or shoot that wet jumper.


Standing Dunk – 39: Look, we ain’t a center. Keep it moving and don’t camp in the paint. We’re NOT here for that…


Mid-Range Shot – 76 & Three-Point Shot – 76: Now, this is where the money’s at! This build’s got a jumper that can be straight cash. Get those shots up and keep defenders guessing with that solid mid and deep game.


Free Throw – 51: Practice up! This ain’t the best, but with some grind, you can be decent from the stripe.


Pass Accuracy – 77: Dropping dimes! You can dish it out to your teammates when the D collapses on you. Share the rock.


Ball Handle – 84 & Speed With Ball – 84: Bro, this is sick. With this combo, you’re gonna be breaking ankles and pushing the break like a madman. With the right moves, you’re basically unguardable in ISO.


Interior Defense – 48: We ain’t a rim protector, but we ain’t a pushover either. Just be smart about contesting inside.


Block, Offensive Rebound & Defensive Rebound – 0: Zero points in these means you ain’t in the paint battling for boards or sending shots into the stands. Let the big men handle that. Focus on leaking out and pushing the break.


Perimeter Defense – 76: Solid! Couple this with the Clamps badge and you’re set to lock down those perimeter players thinking they got a step on you.


Steal – 72: Quick hands, baby! Anticipate those passing lanes and snatch some cookies.


Defensive Rebound – 35: Not great, but hey, leave the board crashing to the bigs and focus on running that break.


Speed – 79, Acceleration – 87: With this speed and quick first step, you’re a threat in transition. Hit that turbo and leave defenders in the dust.


Strength – 74: Not exactly Shaq-level, but it gives you some muscle when you need to body up or finish through contact.


Vertical – 80: Get up! This is more than enough bounce to snag some oops and rise over defenders.


Stamina – 93: Bruh, you can run for days! Push the pace, stay aggressive & out-hustle everyone on the court…



Badge Business

Gold Posterizer: Essential. This lets you jam over anyone!


Gold Slithery Finisher: Maneuver around them defenders smoothly.


Bronze Clamps: Essential for guarding the best of ’em.



How to Ball Out with the Ant-Man Build in NBA 2K24

Push The Rock: Look, you fast as hell, so use that. Snag a board or see a teammate grab it? Skrrt down the court and look for that lob or easy trey.


Get Busy in ISO: With that sick handle and speed, you got the keys for ISO plays. Hit ’em with a quick cross, or a behind-the-back and either take it to the hole or pull that J.


Stay Shot-Ready: You got a wet jumper, bro. So when you off-ball, keep them hands ready. Run off screens or spot up, and if the defender sleepin’ under a screen, make ’em regret it.


Don’t Forget to Dish: You got good pass accuracy, fam. So when you breakin’ ankles and the D collapses, kick it out to your homies and let ’em shine too.


Lock Up: You got decent perimeter D and that Clamps badge, so don’t duck from guarding their best player. Stay low, slide them feet, and contest without hackin’.


Steal Show: You got quick hands, my guy. So, stay lurkin’ like a hawk. Swipe lazy passes and run it back for that easy deuce.


Smart Drives Only: Look, you can jam, but don’t force it. If the paint packed, kick it out or chill and reset. Pick your spots and you’ll get your highlights…


Screens Are Your BFF: Use screens to get mismatches. If a big switches onto you, it’s BBQ chicken, easy buckets all day.


Keep Some In The Tank: You got mad stamina, but don’t go 100 all game, especially if you playin’ full-length. Save some juice for the 4th quarter, ya feel me??


Let It Fly: Don’t sleep on your deep ball. If you wide open from downtown, especially in the corners, let that thing fly.


Sky Time: That Gold Posterizer ain’t just for show. See a lane? It’s take-off time. But if it’s crowded, finesse it or dish it out.


Team Up on D: Aight, you ain’t a wall in the paint, but stay woke. Help the squad on D when you can.


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