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NBA 2K24: Best Anthony DAVIS Build

NBA 2K24: Best Anthony DAVIS Build

Yo ballers! If you’re looking to dominate the courts in NBA 2K24 and rep the Unibrow vibes, I got you. Let’s deep dive into constructing the baddest Anthony Davis build – that Interior Threat. This guide’s for those who want to put on a show and catch bodies in the paint.



Understand the Vision

Before we even begin, let’s get the vision clear. A.D. is not just a big man -> he’s versatile. He’s got the handles, the shot and the defensive prowess… We’re aiming for a big who can do it all: splash threes, protect the rim, and even run the floor.



Position and Physicals Breakdown

Position: Center

Yo, we’re keeping it classic with the big man vibes – straight up dominating in the center spot.



Height: 7 feet

Bruh, at 7 feet tall, we’re talking skyscraper status. You’re gonna tower over most, grabbing boards and catching those oops effortlessly.



Wingspan: 7 feet 8

Man, with a wingspan of 7’8″, you’re practically snatching balls outta the air and swatting shots into the stands. Those arms long enough to give your opps nightmares.



Weight: 233 lbs

Packed at a solid 233 lbs, you’ve got that perfect combo of bulk and bounce. Heavy enough to body dudes in the paint, but still agile to run the floor without getting gassed. We ain’t skipping leg day with this build; you’re built like a tank but move smooth like a guard.



Attributes Breakdown

Offensive Game

Close Shot (70): Up close and personal, you’re money in the bank. Defenders better watch out because you’re solid at finishing close-range shots.


Driving Layup (75): You ain’t just a dunk machine. With a 75 on the driving layup, you got that finesse when taking it to the rim.


Driving Dunk (89) & Standing Dunk (90): Yo, when you’re flying high or just planted, you’re catching bodies! Opponents might wanna clear the paint when you’re around.


Post Control (55): While you got a bit of post moves in your bag, it ain’t your bread and butter. But don’t sleep, you can still get buckets.


Mid-Range Shot (70) & Three-Point Shot (77): Bruh, who said big men can’t shoot? Whether you’re pulling up from mid or dropping bombs from deep, they gotta respect that jumper.


Free Throw (61): Could use some work from the charity stripe, but hey, just means more chances for putbacks.


Pass Accuracy (80) & Ball Handle (64): Dishing dimes and breaking ankles, big fella style. With that passing accuracy and decent handles, you’re a playmaking center!


Speed With Ball (63): Speedy for a big dude. When you get that rebound, you ain’t waiting, you’re pushing that fast break!!



Defensive Prowess

Interior Defense (81): Inside the paint is your house, and ain’t nobody getting easy buckets there.


Perimeter Defense (55): While you ain’t a guard, you can still step out and challenge some shots.


Steal (28): Not really out here pickpocketing, but you can swipe here and there.


Block (91): Block party! Shots going up? Good chance they’re coming back down… hard.


Offensive Rebound (80) & Defensive Rebound (87): Man, the boards are yours! Whether it’s snatching offensive boards or cleaning up on D, you dominate.




Speed (71): For a big man, you’re zooming down the court. No slowpoke vibes here.


Acceleration (64): From 0 to 100, well, more like 64, but you got that quick first step.


Strength (80): Built like a brick wall. Good luck to anyone trying to push you around.


Vertical (80): Getting that air time! You’re soaring whether it’s for dunks or boards.


Stamina (98): Marathon man! You’re running the floor all game without breaking a sweat.



Gameplay Tips: A Playbook for The Interior Threat

Control The Paint: Yo, your role is to own the paint on both ends of the floor. You’re there to snag those boards, protect the rim, and jam it down their throats. Don’t let anyone get comfortable in your house. If they step in the paint, make ‘em regret it.


Mix Up Your Offense: Don’t just stick to one thing. Sure, you can dunk, but mix it up. Drive to the hoop, finish with finesse, hit those mid-ranges and splash threes. Keep ‘em guessing. They sag off? Make ‘em pay. They play tight? Blow by ‘em or dish it to the open man.


Use Your Versatility: You got the handles and the passing ability. Don’t be afraid to bring the ball up and set the play. Act like a playmaker, spread the floor, find the open man, and get those assists stacking. You ain’t just a scorer; you’re a facilitator too…


Defensive Domination: When on defense, use that wingspan. Alter shots, block ‘em, and control those boards. Don’t let them get second-chance points. You’re there to start the break, and with your speed, you might even finish it too.


Play Smart: Read the floor, decide when to be aggressive, and when to facilitate. You gotta know when to take over and when to get your teammates involved. And remember, it’s not just about getting your points; it’s about getting that W.


Work on Your Free Throws: Alright, we know, free throws ain’t the strongest point here, but when you get to the line, focus up, and knock ‘em down. Practice makes perfect, so hit the gym and get those reps in.


Use Your Strength Wisely: You’re built like a tank, so use that to your advantage. Body up on defense, back ‘em down in the post on offense. You got the strength, so don’t be afraid to get physical.


Stamina is Your Friend: You can run the floor all day without breaking a sweat. So, keep the tempo high, run the floor, and get those easy transition points. They can’t guard you if they can’t keep up…


Master Your Shooting: With the ability to hit from deep, make sure to practice those shots. Keep ‘em honest by knocking down those threes and mid-ranges. If they don’t respect your shot, show ‘em they should.


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