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NBA 2K24: Best Carmelo ANTHONY Build

Carmelo ANTHONY in NBA 2K24

Aye, what’s good, hoop dreamers? Y’all ever wanna rock the hardwood like Melo, serving up those buttery jumpers and silencing crowds with clutch moments? Say less. We’re diving deep into NBA 2K24 to craft the illest Carmelo Anthony build. If you’re trying to sauce up your MyPlayer game with a dose of Melo magic, pull up a chair and peep game; We’re breaking it all down step by step.



Physical Attributes

Position: Small Forward (because, c’mon, it’s Melo).


Height: 6’8” – this height allows you to contest shots and still be agile.


Weight: 235 lbs. – a good mix of speed and strength.


Wingspan: 6’8” – may sound a bit on the shorter side, but trust, it’s for the shooting benefits.



Attributes Breakdown: The Melo Sauce Recipe

Aight, let’s break bread over the stats that are gonna make your MyPlayer the next Carmelo. From mid-range splashes to bullying down low, this build is all about channeling Melo’s essence. Let’s break it down:



Scoring Attributes

Close Shot: 71. We starting modest, but a 71 is enough to make those close-up shots and snag that Bronze Fast Twitch. You ain’t gonna be Giannis, but you’ll finish strong close up.


Driving Layup: 82. A Hall of Fame Spin Cycle is the sauce, fam. Get around defenders and take that easy money at the rim.


Driving Dunk: 73. Now, listen, you ain’t gonna be dunking on heads like Zion, but a 73 with a Posterizer badge? You’ll catch a body every now and then.


Standing Dunk: We skippin’ this one. Melo ain’t known for his standing jams, so don’t sweat it.


Post Control: 92. Y’all, get ready to BBQ some chicken down low. This score lets you mimic Melo’s elite footwork and make defenders look silly.


Mid-Range Shot: Crank this up to 96. Melo’s mid-range game is pure flames. You wanna be cashing in those jumpers all day, and those Hall of Fame badges like Green Machine and Space Creator? Say goodbye to defenders.


Three-Point Shot: 86. You ain’t gotta be Curry, but you best believe defenders will think twice before leaving you open behind the arc. Get that Silver Agent Threes badge to cash in.


Free Throw: 91. Ice in the veins, baby. Late game? Crunch time? You wanna be reliable at the stripe. No cap.




Pass Accuracy: 70. Look, you ain’t no CP3, but you’re good enough to swing the ball when you’re doubled.


Ball Handle: 85. You wanna iso like Melo? Then you need the handles. This’ll let you shake defenders and create your own shot, easy.


Speed with Ball: 75. Melo’s not a speed demon, but with a 75, you can push that fast break or slow it down and get into your iso set.



Defensive Stats

Interior Defense: 65. You ain’t no shot-blocker, but you’re tough enough in the paint.


Perimeter Defense: 75. Melo ain’t All-Defensive, but with a 75, you ain’t no slouch either.


Steal: 35. Aight, you ain’t a pickpocket, but focus on playing those passing lanes right and you’re good.


Block: We skippin’ this. Melo’s not swatting shots, and neither are you. Stick to your role.




Defensive Rebound: 70. You’re not gobbling boards like Rodman, but you’ll hold your own when the ball comes off the rim.




Speed: 81. Good enough to get you up and down the court without gassing out.


Acceleration: 70.


Strength: 96. You’re a unit, bro. Use that muscle to body defenders and make space for your shot.


Vertical: 70. Enough to snag those occasional boards and throw down a dunk or two.


Stamina: 93. You’re an iron man out there, able to play heavy minutes and still close out games.



Badges of Honor

Finishing: Fast Twitch, Spin Cycle, and Posterizer.


Shooting: Space Creator, Green Machine, Catch & Shoot, and of course, Agent Threes.


Playmaking: Unpluckable, and Ankle Breaker.


Defense & Rebounding: Immoveable Enforcer (this is THE badge to have) and Clamps.



Gameplay Tips for Melo MyPlayer Build

Iso City: With that Ball Handle at 85, find those mismatches. If you see a smaller guard on you, take ’em down low. Bigger, slower dude? Iso up top and break those ankles or pull up for that mid-range…


Mid-Range Maestro: With a 96 mid-range shot, use pick and rolls to get that space. If they go under the screen? It’s bucket season, fam. Pull up and let it fly!


Post Up & Cook: That Post Control of 92? Sheesh! When you get a mismatch, take it to the block. A few jab steps, some dream shakes, and let that fadeaway fly. It’s BBQ chicken down there.


Spot Up from Three: You’re no Steph, but with an 86 three-point shot, you’re a threat. Catch defenders sleeping, spot up in the corner, and make it rain. And with Agent Threes, you’re lethal when set.


Smart Defense: You ain’t a lock-down defender, but you’re solid. Play those angles, use your strength to keep opponents in front, and challenge without jumping. Let them make the mistakes.


Crash the Boards: Your Defensive Rebound at 70 means you’re in the mix. After a shot goes up, get in there. Sometimes the best offense starts with securing that defensive board.


Fast Breaks: With an 81 speed, you can push the tempo. Grab a board, and don’t be afraid to lead the break yourself. But remember, it’s cool to slow it down too, find your spots and get into your sets.


Conserve Energy: With that stamina, you can stay in the game. But remember to pick your moments. Don’t go all out every possession. Conserve energy for clutch moments.


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