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NBA 2K24: Best Dennis RODMAN Build

Dennis Rodman in NBA 2K24

Yo, what’s poppin’ ballers? If you’ve been grinding on NBA 2K24 and you’re looking to recreate the legendary “The Worm” AKA Dennis Rodman, then you’ve come to the right spot. I’ve got the plug, and I’m about to put y’all on.




Man, we talking ’bout the 95-96 Dennis Rodman from the Chicago Bulls – the defensive beast, the rebound king. But remember NBA 2K24 ain’t your old-gen 2K; they switched things up this time. So, don’t expect those super OP builds with mad stats across the board. We’re going authentic with this one.



The Basics

  • Position: Power Forward. We ain’t playing games.


  • Height: 6’7”. Trust, at this height, dude’s gonna be snagging boards like crazy.


  • Weight: 235 lbs. Got that muscle, but he’s nimble too.


  • Wingspan: A whopping 7’4”. Those long arms are essential for them rebounds and blocks.



Attributes Breakdown

Let’s dissect the stats and get into the nitty-gritty:



Scoring Attributes:

Close Shot: 80 – Because Rodman was clutch when he was up close.


Driving Layup: 55 – He wasn’t known for those fancy layups, but he could get the job done.


Driving Dunk: 67 – Rodman could throw it down when needed.


Standing Dunk: 80 – Your man’s gonna be catching bodies in the paint.




Mid-Range and Three-Point ain’t Rodman’s forte. Keep that Mid-Range at 46, Three-Point at 31, and a Free Throw of 71. It’s all about playing to the Worm’s strengths.



Ball Handling & Passing:

Pass Accuracy: 75 – Decent enough to make those crucial passes.


Ball Handle: 65 – He ain’t no point guard, but he ain’t butterfingers either.


Speed With Ball: 70 – Fast enough to make those breaks when needed.



Defense (Where it’s really at for Rodman):

Interior Defense: 93 – Nobody’s getting easy baskets in your paint.


Perimeter Defense: 84 – Quick enough to shut down those shooters.


Steal: 73 – Sneaky enough to swipe the ball when they least expect it.


Block: 87 – Swatting shots like they’re flies.



Rebounding (Rodman’s bread and butter):

Offensive Rebound: 77 – Perfect for those put-backs.


Defensive Rebound: 92 – Dominate the boards, and keep ’em out.



Physical Stats:

Speed, Acceleration, Strength – Make sure he’s fast on the breaks (85 speed), agile (75 acceleration), and strong in the paint (88 strength).


Vertical: 95 – Your man’s gonna be flying for those boards.


Stamina: 99 – Because Rodman NEVER stops.



Badge Talk

With these stats, you’re about to unlock a ton of dope badges. We’re talking Hall of Fame Workhorse, Gold Rebound Chaser, Hyper Drive, and many more. These badges will help elevate the gameplay -> making Rodman a force to be reckoned with on the court.



Gameplay Tips for Dominating with Your Dennis “The Worm” Rodman Build

You’ve got the Rodman build on deck, now let’s talk tactics to ensure you’re wrecking courts and taking names, just like the legendary Worm himself…



Own the Paint

With that Interior Defense stat at a beefy 93, no one should be eating in your kitchen. Make sure you’re holding down the paint, contesting every shot. When they drive to the hoop, swat ’em away like it’s a no-fly zone.



Crash Those Boards

With a height of 6’7” and mad Wingspan of 7’4”, you best believe you should be snagging EVERY board. Whether it’s offense or defense, be aggressive. On offensive rebounds, look for those second-chance points; with a Standing Dunk of 80, you’re built for put-backs.



Transition Game Strong

Rodman wasn’t just about D and boards. With a Speed of 85 and Acceleration of 75, be ready to run those fast breaks. If someone’s slacking, punish them with a swift transition game.



Smart Passing

You’ve got a Pass Accuracy of 75. So, if you snag a board and see a teammate breaking away, hit ’em with that outlet pass and rack up those assist points.



Screen & Roll

Given Rodman’s strengths, setting solid screens for your guards is the move. Once you’ve set that screen, roll hard to the basket. With your Close Shot at 80, you’re gonna capitalize on any defensive missteps.



Badge Utilization

Aight, here’s where it gets spicy. Those badges ain’t just for show. Use that Hall of Fame Workhorse badge to out-hustle everyone on the court. And with Gold Rebound Chaser, position yourself right and watch the boards stack up. Not to forget, that Hyper Drive is perfect for those quick first steps to the basket.



Mix Up the Defense

Switch between man-to-man and zone defenses to confuse the opposition. With your agility and perimeter D, you can even switch onto guards in pick-and-roll situations. Keep ’em guessing!



Stamina Game

With a Stamina of 99, you’re an energizer bunny out there. But even the Worm needs a break. Use your timeouts wisely and ensure you’re fresh for those clutch moments.



Post Play

Don’t be afraid to back down smaller opponents. Use that 235 lbs frame to bully ’em in the post. Remember, it ain’t about scoring all the time, but creating space for others.



Stay Hungry

This ain’t just a tip, it’s a mindset. Play every game like it’s Game 7. Dive for those loose balls, fight for every inch, and remember – you’re channeling one of the greatest hustle players of all time.


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