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NBA 2K24: Best Jayson TATUM Build

Jayson TATUM in NBA 2K24

Ayy, ballers! Ever dreamed of dominating the hardwood like the legend Jayson Tatum? Stop daydreaming and peep this blueprint. I gotchu with the ultimate PG build to bring out that Tatum vibe in your gameplay. It’s not just about copying the stats; it’s about channeling the swag, finesse, and the beast mode of Tatum himself.



The Blueprint

Position: Point Guard


Height: 6’7″ – Gives you that range and presence on the court.


Weight: 184 lbs – Perfect balance for speed and power.


Wingspan: 6’11” – While it might not be the longest out there, trust me, it’s gonna give you that extra reach without compromising shooting ability.



Attributes Breakdown

Alright, let’s break this down real quick:


  • Close Shot: 50 — We ain’t focusing on close shots too much, but a lil something to keep it real.


  • Driving Layup: 70 — Aight, this ain’t too shabby. We can finesse some layups, especially on fast breaks.


  • Driving Dunk: 87 — Bruh, with this, expect to be putting cats on posters. Straight up! Those contact dunks? Chef’s kiss.


  • Standing Dunk: 32 — You ain’t Shaq, so don’t even trip about this stat.


  • Post Control: Zero — We ain’t doing any old man moves in the post, so it’s all good.


  • Mid-Range Shot: 70 — This ain’t the 90s, but a little mid-range game never hurt. Keep defenders guessing.


  • Three-Point Shot: 85 — Snipe city! Step back and let it rain.


  • Free Throw: 71 — You ain’t gonna be Shaqtin’ a fool from the line, so this is cool.


  • Pass Accuracy: 77 — Dropping some dimes and making sure they ain’t bouncing off teammates’ heads.


  • Ball Handle: 81 — Got the rock on a string, man. Break some ankles and dish it out.


  • Speed With Ball: 83 — You’re gonna be flying past fools like they’re standing still.


  • Interior Defense: 74 — For when you gotta body up those big boys in the paint.


  • Perimeter Defense: 85 — Lockdown season. Put those guards on an island.


  • Steal: 85 — Be ready to swipe that thing when they ain’t looking.


  • Block: 78 — Send a few shots back to where they came from. Block party, anyone?


  • Offensive Rebound: Zero — Look, you ain’t there for the O-boards. Let the bigs handle that.


  • Defensive Rebound: 44 — Snag a couple here and there when you’re around the rim.


  • Speed: 78 — Fast enough to keep up with most. You ain’t no turtle.


  • Acceleration: 84 — Go from 0 to 100 real quick.


  • Strength: 74 — Hold your own and don’t get bodied by those big fellas.


  • Vertical: 75 — Catch a few lobs and rise up on some dudes.


  • Stamina: 96 — You’ll be running circles around ’em all day, barely breaking a sweat.



Badge Talk

  • Shooting: Definitely grab that ‘Bronze Limitless’. Tatum’s long-range game gotta be on point.


  • Playmaking: ‘Silver Speed Booster’ for that added burst and ‘Hot Physical Handles’ to shake defenders.


  • Defense: With ‘Silver Clamps’, ‘Interceptor’, and others, you’ll be a defensive nightmare. Big facts.



Gameplay Tips for TATUM Build

Scoring & Playmaking

3-Pointers are Life: Your 3-point game is tight, fam. Utilize that catch-and-shoot or even step back to drain ’em. No hesitation, you’re a threat from deep.


Mid-Range Game: Don’t sleep on the mid-range. If they think you’re gonna go for a three and rush you, pump fake and take a step in. Easy money.


Drive & Dunk: With a Driving Dunk of 87? Bro, you gotta be slashing to the basket. Get that head of steam and boom it on someone’s head!


Dish & Swish: With a ball handle of 81 and pass accuracy of 77, you’re more than capable of setting up your teammates. Use pick and rolls to your advantage.




Perimeter Lockdown: Your perimeter D is dope. Keep up with those speedy guards and cut off their lanes. They gonna be stuck on your island.


Pickpocket Alert: Steal’s at 85? C’mon now, you gotta be in those lanes like Deion Sanders. Go for them steals but don’t be reckless. Wait for that dribble to get loose.


Block Party: Ain’t no easy buckets around you. Time those jumps and send those shots flying.



General Gameplay Tips

Manage Stamina: Even though you got 96 stamina, you still gotta manage it. Don’t go sprinting all the time, especially on defense.


Switch Up Your Game: Don’t be a one-trick pony. Keep the defense guessing by mixing up drives, step-backs, and crisp passes.


Play Smart, Not Hard: Don’t be a hero every play. Sometimes the smart play is the simple play. An easy assist is just as good as a highlight dunk.


Watch the Fouls: Your free-throw game isn’t the strongest, so avoid unnecessary fouls. Let your defense do the talking instead…


Speed and Acceleration: You got that 78 speed and 84 acceleration. Use it for quick first steps, cutting through screens and blowing by defenders in transition.


Defensive Rebounding: Even though it’s not your primary job, snag those boards when you can. Your team’s gonna need ’em.


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