NBA 2K24: Best Reggie MILLER Build - MGW

NBA 2K24: Best Reggie MILLER Build

NBA 2K24: Best Reggie MILLER Build

Yo, ballers! If you’re trying to dominate the courts in NBA 2K24 and rep one of the most iconic shooters in the history of the game, Mr. Clutch himself, Reggie Miller, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s break this down step by step so you can have your MyPlayer shooting treys like it’s nobody’s business.



Position & Body Measurements

Position: Shooting Guard


Height: 6’6″ – Trust me, this tweak lets your shooting stats go wild.


Weight: 195 lbs – Keep him lean and mean.


Wingspan: 6’9″



Attributes Breakdown

Shooting Skills

Mid-Range Shot: 93 – Bro, your mid-range game? Straight fire. Defenders better not sleep on you from the elbow or they’re gonna pay.


Three-Point Shot: 90 – From downtown? It’s wet! Rain them treys, splash bro!


Free Throw: 88 – At the charity stripe? You’re basically money. Ice in those veins, fam.



Inside Game

Close Shot: 75 – You ain’t no big, but you can get buckets up close. Do your thing in the paint.


Driving Layup: 70 – Got a lane? Take it to the tin and finesse that lay-in.


Driving Dunk: 66 – You might not be posterizing dudes every time, but you got a little bounce in those kicks.


Standing Dunk: Zero, nada, zilch – Let’s keep it a buck, you ain’t yamming on nobody standing still…


Post Control: 78 – A little shimmy, a little shake, and boom! The post ain’t just for the bigs.




Pass Accuracy: 80 – You got the dimes! Whip those passes, break some ankles.


Ball Handle: 80 – Handle’s tight. Break ’em down and create for the squad.


Speed With Ball: 80 – Fast breaks, quick cuts? You’re moving and grooving with that rock.




Interior Defense: Big ol’ goose egg – You ain’t blocking or contesting in the paint. Stay on the perimeter.


Perimeter Defense: 84 – Lock up on the outside. They ain’t getting easy looks on your watch.


Steal: 80 – Quick hands, fam. Swipe that ball when they’re snoozing.


Block: Another zero – You ain’t swatting anything. But that’s cool, play those passing lanes instead.




Offensive Rebound: That’s a no from me, dawg – Leave the O-boards to the big fellas.


Defensive Rebound: 41 – You ain’t the main board man, but snag a few when you can.




Speed: 85 – Quick feet. Outrun those slowpokes and make plays.


Acceleration: 80 – Zero to sixty real quick. Burst off that first step.


Strength: 50 – You ain’t bodying anyone, but you got a lil’ push-back in you…


Vertical: 60 – Got some hops, but you ain’t flying high.


Stamina: 99 – Bruh, you’re an energizer bunny out there!



NBA 2K24 Reggie Miller Gameplay Tips

Shooting Skills

Mid-Range Game: Hey, you remember Kobe’s game, right? Think like that. Those pull-ups and fadeaways in the mid-range? That’s all you. Defenders giving you space? Make ’em regret it. If they sag off, show off!


Three’s Company: You got that limitless range, fam. Set those screens, move without the ball, and get open. Once you catch that pass? Let it fly. They better recognize from deep.


Clutch Free Throws: Late in the game, when it’s crunch time, don’t shy away from contact. Draw them fouls, step up, and knock ’em down. Ain’t no shaking at the line for you.



Inside Game

Close Quarters: Remember, size ain’t everything. Use that quick release and floaters to score over them bigs.


Drive n’ Glide: When you see that lane, take it. Use those Euro steps, hop steps, and reverse layups to mix it up.


Got Lift?: Even though you ain’t throwing down mad dunks, use that little vertical to surprise some cats now and then…


Post Up: Yeah, I know you’re thinking, “I’m a guard, why the post?” But trust. A little spin move or fadeaway in the post can be killer, especially against those smaller guards.




See The Floor: Use those screens, drive, and kick. Find the open man or take it to the rack.


Handles For Days: Use your crossovers, behind-the-backs, and spin moves. Break them down and open up the floor.


Push The Pace: Whenever you get a chance, push that rock! Transition buckets are easy money. Keep that defense on its heels.




Stick To Yours: Ain’t no blocking party in the paint for you. Focus on those guards and wings. Stay in their face.


Hands Active: You might not be the biggest dude on the floor, but you got them quick mitts. Jump those passing lanes, get them steals, and turn defense into offense.


Be Smart: Even though you ain’t the shot-blocking type, use your IQ. Anticipate, play angles, and force tough shots.




Help Out: You might not be grabbing boards like Rodman, but help out when you can. Box out and let the bigs do their thing.


Run The Floor: After the board, leak out. Get them easy transition points.




Use That Speed: Don’t let bigger defenders set their feet. Keep ’em guessing with your quick first step.


Keep Going: With stamina like yours, you’re always on. Run off screens, push the pace, and just keep moving. Wear them out, bro.


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