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NBA 2K24 Point Guard Guide: Best PG Build for New Players

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Yo, hoopers! If you’re stepping onto the 2K scene for the first time and aiming to be that floor general every squad needs, I got you. I’m about to break down this essential guide, so you can run the hardwood like a beast in NBA 2K24. Grab your virtual kicks and let’s deep dive into becoming a GOAT PG.



The 411 on Point Guards

In the basketball world, the Point Guard is like the squad’s DJ – controlling the vibe, setting the pace, and ensuring the crowd (your team) is feeling good. It’s the kind of position that requires you to be cerebral, swift, and straight-up nasty with your moves. Still with me? Bet. Let’s get into the details.



Height: Finding that Sweet Spot

When it comes to height, it’s tempting to wanna tower over everyone, but for PGs, size matters in a different way.


  • 6’1″ to 6’3″ – Quick, agile & killer in fastbreak situations. Ideal for those who love rapid plays and zipping through defenses.


  • 6’4″ to 6’6″ – This is where most NBA superstar PGs chill. You get a nice balance of speed, defense, and the ability to shoot over shorter defenders. For newbies? This is your goldilocks zone.



Weight: Bulking and Speed

  • 180-195 lbs: Want to be a lightning bolt on the court? Stay lean. You’ll zip past most defenders, but watch out for those bruisers in the paint.


  • 195-210 lbs: A bit more bulk gives you the advantage to absorb contact when driving to the rim, without sacrificing too much speed.



Wingspan: Stretch Armstrong Vibes

Your arms are your best defense. But remember, long arms can mess with your shot. Aim for a neutral to slightly extended wingspan. It’s the best of both worlds, letting you contest shots and still pop treys like Curry.



Attributes: Where the Magic Happens

Bro, these are the essence of your player. Here’s where to drop those precious points:


  • Ball Handling: Crank this bad boy up. You wanna be Kyrie on the court, not a turnover machine.


  • Shooting: Split it between mid-range and 3-point shooting. Be that dual-threat every defender fears.


  • Passing: Max out that pass accuracy. A dime-dropper is every team’s dream.


  • Defense: Perimeter D and steals are your bread and butter. But don’t skimp on the block rating; chasing down a fastbreak for a block is chef’s kiss.



Badge Mania: Get Those Enhancements

The right badges turn your player from good to god-tier.


  • Shooting: “Green Machine”, “Quick Draw” and “Deadeye” are must-haves. Pop those treys like they’re nothing.


  • Playmaking: Snag “Floor General”, “Tight Handles” and “Flashy Passer”. Control the floor and break some ankles while you’re at it.


  • Defense: “Pick Pocket”, “Clamps” and “Chase Down Artist”. Be that sneaky defensive nightmare.



Gameplay Tips for Newbies

Learn to Dribble

You can’t be a point guard if you can’t handle the rock. Spend some time in the practice facility or just in games learning the dribble moves and how to use them effectively.



Master the Pick and Roll

The pick and roll is the bread and butter of any good point guard. Learn how to call for a pick, use it effectively, and either take the shot or dish it to your rolling teammate.



Defense Wins Games

Don’t be that guy who’s all offense and no D. Learn how to stay in front of your man, contest shots and snag steals.



Adapting to the Court Meta

If you’re really looking to dominate on the 2v2 or 3v3 courts, you’re gonna want to adjust your build a little bit… The 6’8″ build I mentioned earlier is absolute money for 2v2 courts especially if you’re the main ball handler.


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