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NBA 2K24: Top 10 Young Players You Need on Your Squad


What’s poppin’, 2K fam? If you’re ready to elevate your MyTeam, MyLeague or just your general NBA 2K24 knowledge, this is the guide for you… We’re about to embark on a deep dive into the 10 young phenoms who are lighting up the virtual hardwood…



Ja “Money Moves” Morant

Ja’s bringing that Memphis grit to 2K! Beyond the flashy dunks & slick crossovers it’s his winning mentality that sets him apart. Although his off-court moves might stir some tea, in-game, Morant’s the key to dropping buckets and serving up dimes.


Why He’s Dope: Let’s keep it a stack; Ja’s a complete package. Handles? Check!! Explosive drives? Yup. Vision? Absolutely. But keep in mind, he’s got some off-court shenanigans that could mess with his vibe in the game.


Use Ja’s speed and athleticism to break down defenses, then kick out or finish strong at the rim. Those highlight reels won’t make themselves.



Paolo “Silent Assassin” Banchero

Despite being a #1 draft pick, Paolo’s been on the low… probably because he’s balling out in Orlando.


Why He’s Dope: Standing tall at 6’10, Paolo’s agility and power make him a mismatch nightmare. Think of him as a Swiss Army knife on the court – versatile and deadly.


Get him in transition. With his combination of size & speed -> few can stop him when he’s on the move.



Chet “The Comeback Kid” Holmgren

That injury might’ve set him back, but real ballers know – Chet’s a force waiting to be unleashed.


Why He’s Dope: He’s a shooter, he’s a defender, he’s a… center? Yeah, that’s right. Chet’s changing the game for big men everywhere.


Take advantage of his range. Stretch out those opposing defenses and create space for your guards.



Victor “The Game Breaker” Wembanyama

Alright, this guy is an anomaly. Standing at 7’3 but moving like he’s 6’3, Victor’s versatility is unmatched. Got a pesky guard driving to the rim? Victor’s your guy. Need someone to stretch the floor? He’s got you. By year two or three, expect him to be terrorizing the league.


Why He’s Dope: Imagine your center breaking ankles, hitting step-back threes, and swatting shots into the stands. That’s Victor for you.


Don’t just post up. Face-up, break down, and watch as opponents are left bamboozled by his guard-like moves.



Luka “Wonder Boy” Doncic

The Slovenian sensation! He’s been killing it since he stepped into the league.


Why He’s Dope: Luka’s court vision and shot-making abilities are straight sorcery. He can take over games single-handedly.


Use him in pick-n-rolls. With his size and skill, he can either dish out dimes or hit those step-back daggers.



Trae “Ice Veins” Young

Forever linked to Luka because of that draft-night trade, Trae’s making ATL the place to be.


Why He’s Dope: He’s got that Steph Curry range with a side of saucy handles. Defenders hate him, fans love him.


Let it fly from deep. The further he is, the deadlier he becomes.



Zion “The Human Freight Train” Williamson

NOLA’s savior, Zion’s blend of strength, speed, and finesse is unmatched. Inside, he’s dominant, and his jumper’s only getting better. If you’re all about that inside game, he’s your centerpiece.


Why He’s Dope: He’s an athletic freak. Defenders bounce off him like he’s a brick wall with springs for legs.


Drive hard to the basket. His strength and agility make him nearly unstoppable.



Tyrese “Silky Smooth” Maxey

From a late first-round pick to one of Philly’s shining stars, Maxey’s rise is a testament to hard work.


Why He’s Dope: His mid-range game is money, and he’s got that killer instinct when it counts.


Use screens to free him up for that deadly mid-range jumper.



Anthony “Antman” Edwards

First overall pick for a reason, Edwards has got the Timberwolves howling with excitement.


Why He’s Dope: Explosiveness combined with a knack for scoring from all levels. Defenders be warned.


Utilize his athleticism. Get him slashing to the rim or pulling up from deep.



LaMelo “Flash” Ball

The youngest of the Ball brothers and probably the most hyped. He’s putting Charlotte on the map!


Why He’s Dope: His flair for the dramatic, combined with his elite passing and scoring, makes every game a show.


Push the pace. LaMelo thrives in an up-tempo game where he can showcase his flashy passes.



Don’t Sleep On

Darius Garland, Scottie Barnes, Cade Cunningham, Jalen Green and Scoot Henderson. These guys are bubbling under and are about to pop off in a big way…


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