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NBA 2K24: How to Call for Screens

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Alright ballers, let’s rap about one of the slickest moves in NBA 2K24: calling for screens. This ain’t some playground business, this is pro-level stuff that’s been a game-changer from day one. So if you’re ready to take your game from zero to hero, then let’s roll.



1. Breakin’ it Down: What’s a Screen?

So check it out, a screen is like your main homie on the court. They’re right there when you’re in a bind, acting as your personal bodyguard, carving out that much needed space so you can fly to the hoop for a flashy finish. Now the real key to this whole move is knowing when to give your boy the signal. It’s all about the timing, you feel me?



2. Making the Call for a Screen

Alright, here’s the 411: You got the rock, now what? Hit that L1 on your PlayStation or LB on your Xbox. Your big gun – your center or power forward – will make a move to get in position for the screen.


Need to switch the side? Easy peasy. Just click the left stick and your screen man will move to where you need ’em.


Once your screen is set, it’s your call on what comes next. Have ’em fade back for a quick jump shot, or roll towards the hoop for a sweet finish. Tap R1 or RB and let the magic happen.


Feelin’ a bit sly? You can call for a fake screen. Start with L1 or LB to call for a screen, then hit it again to call it off. Watch the defense lose their minds while you roll into the lane for an easy deuce.



3. Perfect Timing to Call for a Screen

The sweet spot for a screen is around the three-point line. This gives your dude with the ball and your screen enough room to cook up some magic.


A screen is the ultimate “pick your poison” for the defense. They gotta decide – stick with the ball handler or switch to the screen? If they switch, you got an open lane. If they stick with you, pass the rock to your screen for a clean shot.


Remember, your ball handler’s gotta have the right stuff. Solid shooting and passing skills are a must. As for your screen, they gotta be ready to break out some dope post moves on a dime.



4. Picking the Right Screen Setter

You got a certain player in mind to set the screen? Tap L1 or LB and then hit R1 or RB to bring up the play-calling menu. Hold down the button for your player and they’ll start setting up the screen.



5. Cashing in with Screens

Alright, now for the fun part – turning screens into points.


  • Pick and Roll: Set up the screen and then guide the defender towards it. Then hit the jets the other way, dish the rock to your rollin’ screen setter for the easy bucket.


  • Pick and Fade: After your screen is set, hit R1 or RB to have your screen setter fade back. Drive towards the hoop to draw in the defender, leaving your screen setter open for a sweet jumper.


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