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NBA 2K24: How to Hang on the Rim


Alright hoop dreamers and joystick jammers, it’s time to elevate your NBA 2K24 game way above the rim. Now, I know y’all can drain threes with the best of ’em, but we’re talking next level here. We’re talking about a move so signature, it’s been the trademark of hoops legends from the time of the sky-walking Dr. J to the reign of Vinsanity himself, Vince Carter. I’m talking about that almighty rim hang.


You know what I’m talking about: the crowd goes nuts, you’ve just slammed a posterizing dunk, and for the grand finale, you’re hanging off the rim like a boss. That’s the moment you get to soak in the glory, letting the whole arena know who just rocked the house.



The Breakdown: The Art of Rim Hanging

Remember, the rim hang ain’t just for show – it’s a power statement. It’s a declaration of dominance that tells your opponents, “I’m here, and I ain’t going nowhere.” But don’t get it twisted: hang on that rim too long and you’re getting hit with a T.



Getting into Position

First things first, you’re gonna want to have your player sprint towards the basket. No half measures here; go full throttle. On your controller, you’re gonna want to hold down the R2 button (or RT if you’re on Xbox) as you make your approach. This is the turbo button, and it’s gonna give your player the momentum they need for the dunk.



Dunk and Hang

As you’re making your move towards the basket, push down on the right analog stick. Keep holdin’ down that R2/RT button, though. Don’t let go just yet. By doing this, your player should execute a mean dunk and then hang onto the rim. That’s where the magic happens.



Taking Control: Swingin’ in the Breeze

Now you’re up there, it’s all about putting on a show. The left analog stick is your dance partner here; it’s gonna control your swing. The right stick, though, dictates your direction. Move it up, you rise; push it down, you descend. Play around, find your style, and swing like you own the place.



The Drop: Coming Back to Earth

Eventually, you gotta come down from your high. When it’s time, let go of that R2/RT button. But hey, don’t overstay your welcome up there. If you’re hanging too long, the ref’s gonna hit you with a tech.


Like any big move, the rim hang ain’t something you’ll nail in one go. It’s gonna take some trial and error. Use practice mode, get a feel for the rhythm and flow. With some persistence, you’ll be hanging off rims like a total G, dropping jaws and raising eyebrows.


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