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NBA 2K24: How to Do Post Moves and Post Shots

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Ain’t nothing sweeter in hoops than a killer post game. You know, that down low, back ’em up, shake and bake business. Think Hakeem ‘The Dream’ Olajuwon or Shaq Diesel kinda action. That’s where NBA 2K24 comes into play – giving you all the moves to dominate the hardwood from the post.



What’s This Post Game Talk All About?

“Post” in basketball is all about that real estate right up close and personal with the hoop. It’s the big man’s domain – your centers and power forwards, mostly – but anyone with the right skills can leave their mark. So if you’re thinking about dunking on fools or putting up some sweet hook shots, you gotta get your post game on point.


NBA 2K24 has stepped up its game with a bunch of new mechanics that are all about the 1v1 play in the post. It ain’t just about speed and 3-pointers anymore – you’ve gotta have the moves to shake your defender and get those easy buckets.



Breaking Down Post Moves and Shots

To get things popping from the post, hold down the L2/LT button to get into that back-down stance. Keep it held down and roll the Right Stick to get your player to hustle in the direction you want. This gets your player to either make a drive to the hoop or spin off the defender, depending on how you’re rolling that stick.



Post Moves Controls

To drop some serious points, NBA 2K24’s got a ton of post moves you can bust out:


  • Quick Spin / Hook: Roll the Right Stick and watch your player make a quick spin or hook shot.


  • Fakes: Give the Right Stick a quick flick to the left, right, or down to fake out your defender.


  • Post Hop: Kick the Left Stick to the right or left (away from the hoop), then hit X (Xbox) or Square (PS) for a quick hop shot.


  • Post Stepback: Push the Left Stick away from the hoop, then tap X (Xbox) or Square (PS) for a slick stepback shot.


  • Dropstep: Pull the Left Stick left or right (towards the hoop), then tap X (Xbox) or Square (PS) for a powerful dropstep move.


  • Change Facing: Flick the Right Stick upwards to switch up your stance and keep your defender guessing.



Post Shots Controls

2K24 is bringing new heat with brand new hooks and signature post shots, taking your post game to the next level. To put the rock in the hoop from the post, you’ve got these moves:


  • Post Hook (close range): Hold up the Right Stick with the Left Stick chillin’ in neutral for a clean hook shot.


  • Shimmy Hook (Close Range): Press down RT (Xbox) or R2 (PS), hold up the Right Stick with the Left Stick just hanging out for a little shimmy before that hook shot.


  • Post Fade (beyond close range): Pull down the Right Stick to the left or right to fade away from your defender and get that shot off.


  • Post Layup: Push the Right Stick up while the Left Stick is deflected for a crafty layup.


  • Step Through Layup: With the Left Stick already aiming for the hoop, slide the Right Stick the same way to step through for a layup.


  • Shimmy Fade (beyond close range): Hit R2 (Xbox) or RT (PS) and pull down the Right Stick left or right with the Left Stick staying put for a shimmy fadeaway.


  • Pump Fake: Start any of the above shots, then quickly move the Right Stick back to neutral to fake your shot.


  • Up & Under / Step-Through: Start a Pump Fake, then push and hold the Right Stick before the pump fake is over for an up and under or step-through move.


  • Aggressive Backdown: Push down L2/LT to back down your defender. While you’re in post, hold down R2/RT and push the Left Stick towards the hoop to really get in your defender’s grill.


Different gestures can set you up for some sweet hooks and shimmy shots.


Remember, these moves ain’t just about mashing buttons. You’ve got to have that timing down, so don’t be shy about hitting the practice court.


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