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NBA 2K24: How to Do the Post Hook Shot


Ever thought about mastering the post just like the all-time greats? Fancy shooting silky smooth skyhooks like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or being as fundamentally sound in your footwork as Tim Duncan? Well, you’re in the right spot. Today, we’re breaking down the mechanics of post-play mastery – from making the post your own, discovering your prime shooting location, to releasing that killer hook shot. With insights on player control, movement, and badges that could turn you from zero to hero, we’ve got you covered.



How to Do the Post Hook Shot in NBA 2K24

Staking Your Ground: Step one, you gotta invade that post like it’s your crib. How? Press and hold L2 (or LT if you’re on Xbox). Make your player back that defender up, show them you ain’t no pushover. Use your left stick to move around. You’re the one running the show, remember that.


Finding Your Sweet Spot: Now you’re in the post, it’s time to scout your prime location. Use that left stick to create space and keep your defender guessing. The best spot will depend on your player’s skills and stats. So you gotta test the waters, find out where your player hits those shots like clockwork.


Unleashing the Hook Shot: You’ve set the stage, your defender is eating dust – time to let that hook shot fly! To pull this off, push and hold the right stick either to the left or right (depending on your player’s stronger hand) and don’t mess with any other buttons. Don’t try to flex with fancy moves, keep it clean.


Pro-tip: Mix it up. Don’t just stick to one side. Alternate between left and right hooks to keep your defender on their toes.


Perfecting the Release: To nail your hook shot, you gotta perfect your release timing. Once your player starts the hook shot animation, release the stick when they reach the peak of their jump. If you release too early or too late, you’ll be serving bricks or straight-up airballs. Practice makes perfect, so don’t stress, it’ll get smoother with time.



Use the Right Badges

Using the right badges can turn your player from a bench warmer to an all-star. Here are a few you should think about:


Deep Hooks: This badge will extend the range of your hook shot, giving you more versatility in your post game.


Pro Touch: This badge increases your shot percentage for layups when you release them at the right time, and guess what? Your hook shot falls into this category.


Backdown Punisher: If you’re going to be backing down your opponent a lot, this badge is a must. It allows you to drain the energy of your defender more quickly as you back them down.


Dream Shake: This badge is for the players ready to add a little razzle-dazzle to their game. It will make your pump fakes and post fakes more effective in the paint.


Hook Specialist: And of course, the most important badge for our purposes – the Hook Specialist. This badge will increase the likelihood of making a hook shot.



Leveling Up Your Post Hook Shot: Tips and Tricks

And let’s not skip over those extra tips to boss up your post hook game:


Player Pick: Size and skills matter, bro. A tall player with a high post hook rating is your goal. Think big – like Joel Embiid or Nikola Jokic, or a throwback to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.


Space It Out: Make sure your boys aren’t cramping your style. Use the D-Pad to set your team’s offense to “Spacing” or “4-out 1-in”. That gives you room to breathe.


Check the Defense: Watch the defender’s steps. If they’re on you like white on rice, hit ’em with a quick spin move. If they’re playing it cool, hit ’em with that hook shot.


Shot Meter: Get tight with the NBA 2K24 shot meter. Fill it up as high as you can before letting go of the stick. Get this right, and you’ll be draining hooks in no time.


Shot Aiming: Want a challenge? Switch on “Shot Aiming” in the Controller Settings. You gotta adjust the aim with the right stick once you start the hook shot. Line up the marker in the center of the meter for the cleanest shot.


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