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NBA 2K24 – How to Do the Stepback

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The stepback is a sick move that’s all about deception, agility, and finesse. Imagine you’re going head-to-head with a defender, and you wanna break some ankles and create some space to sink that bucket. That’s when you bust out the stepback. You’ll take a quick step (or two) backward away from the defender, putting yourself in prime position to launch that rock to the hoop.



How to Drop the Stepback in NBA 2K24

1. The Basic Stepback – Keepin’ it Simple

Just rock the right stick (RS) down and then snap it back real quick. It’s like telling the defender, “You ain’t ready for this!” and then hitting ’em with that sweet fadeaway.



2. The Alternative Stepback – Run and Gun

If you want to add some flair, run up the court using R2/RT, release it, and initiate the stepback. You can also just use the left stick for a more casual stepback without rushing. It’s a versatile option that lets you play it cool or bring some heat.



3. Post Stepback – Back ‘Em Down

Hold the Left Stick away from the hoop, and then tap X (Xbox) or Square (PlayStation). This post move is about body positioning and letting the defender know who’s in control.



4. Stepback Escape – Slip and Slide

Press R2 and move RS down, then quickly release, or use RT and move RS down, then quickly release. This slick move helps you escape tight defense & leaves the defenders wondering where you went.



5. Triple Threat Stepback – Three’s a Charm

Use that same combo from the Stepback Escape and watch as defenders trip over themselves tryin’ to keep up. It’s like a dance, and they ain’t got the moves…


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