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NBA 2K24: How to Call 3-2 Zone / 2-3 Zone Defense

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You know the old saying, “Offense sells tickets, but defense wins games”? Well, in the world of roundball, that’s gospel. Sure, dropping a dime, breaking ankles, and posterizing your opponent gets the crowd going, but without a strong D, you’ll find yourself getting dunked on. Defense ain’t just about the chase-down blocks or the steals, it’s about shutting down your opponent’s game.



Understanding the Zone: 3-2 and 2-3

In the numbers game of zones, 3-2 and 2-3 are two fan favorites. But what’s the skinny on these configurations?


In a 3-2 Zone, you’re running with three players out front – typically your guards and small forward. These cats are patrolling the perimeter, throwing a wrench in the works for any sharpshooters looking to rain from deep. Meanwhile, your bigs are hanging out near the hoop, ready to contest any drives to the bucket.


The 2-3 Zone flips the script. Now you’ve got a duo up front (usually your guards) and a trio – your forwards and center – holding down the fort near the rim. This formation is all about putting up a wall in the paint and daring the other squad to beat you from the outside.



Calling the Zone Defense in NBA 2K24

Alright, now that you understand when to use each zone, let’s break down how to call these defenses in NBA 2K24.



PlayStation 5 Controls:

Step 1: Grab your controller and press “L1“. You’ll see a menu pop up with your defensive strategies.


Step 2: Use your right stick to highlight the player you want to switch up the defense for. Press “X” to pull up their specific menu.


Step 3: In this menu, you’ll see a “Team” option. Hit “X” on that.


Step 4: A new menu with zone defense options will show up. Move the right stick to either “3-2 Zone” or “2-3 Zone” and tap “X” to select it.



Xbox Series X Controls:

Step 1: Hit “LB” on your controller. You’ll see your defensive strategies menu.


Step 2: Use the right stick to choose your player for the defense change. Press “A” to access their menu.


Step 3: Find the “Team” option and press “A“.


Step 4: A new menu will appear. Scroll through until you see “3-2 Zone” or “2-3 Zone”. Press “A” to select it.


Just a heads up, you can only make defensive calls when your team’s on D, not while the action’s rolling.



Mastering Zone Defense in NBA 2K24: Tips and Tricks

  • Read the Room: A zone defense is all about space and anticipation. You’re not just locked on one player; you’re covering a zone on the floor. Keep your eyes peeled for opponents drifting into your area and be ready to step up. It’s all about being one step ahead and making the reads, fam.


  • On Your Toes: Ever seen a flat-footed defender? Neither have we. Keep those virtual sneakers moving. Even in a zone defense, there’s a lot of sliding and rotating to cover. If you’re standing still, you’re playing it wrong. Be ready to close out on shooters and crash the boards when the shot goes up. Remember, rebounds win rings.


  • Communication is Key: In a zone defense, communication is as vital as a clutch three. Use your AI teammates effectively by directing them to better positions or switching players when the ball is away from you. You’re in charge of the whole orchestra, maestro. Make sure everyone’s playing the same tune.


  • The Middle Matters: In both the 3-2 and 2-3 zone, the middle of the paint is the heart of your defense. Protect it like it’s the last slice of pizza. In the 2-3 zone especially, your center is going to be the anchor. Make sure they’re ready to contest shots and snag boards like a boss.


  • Watch for Weak Spots: Like any good strategy, zones have their Achilles heel. In a 2-3, the corners are often exposed, and in a 3-2, the high post can be a soft spot. Be ready to adjust and compensate as the offense probes for these weaknesses. It’s all about making the right rotations and closing up those gaps.


  • Adapt on the Fly: Look, no plan survives first contact with the enemy, and your defense is no different. If you see your zone getting shredded, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Switch between man-to-man and zone during the game to keep your opponent guessing. Always remember, ball is life, but it’s also a chess match.


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