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NBA 2K24: LaMelo BALL Build

LaMelo Ball in NBA 2K24

Yo, hoop dreamers! It’s time to break down one of the most anticipated builds of NBA 2K24, the LaMelo BALL Build. If you’re lookin’ to recreate Melo’s flashy style on the virtual hardwood, then grab your controller and let’s get to it.



Physicals & Measurements

Height: 6’7″


Weight: 180 lbs

With a slim 180 lbs frame, Melo is nimble, which could help with speed and agility.


Wingspan: 6’10”

That lengthy 6’10” wingspan ain’t just for show! It’s going to help contest shots and snatch some boards over smaller guards.



Attribute Breakdown

Close Shot: 73


Driving Layup: 88


Driving Dunk: 83


Mid-Range: 75


Three-Point: 82


Pass Accuracy: 95


Ball Handling: 87


Speed with Ball: 83


Perimeter Defense: 71


Steal: 45


Block: 44


Defensive Rebound: 60


Speed: 82


Acceleration: 84


Strength: 44


Vertical: 70+


Stamina: 95


The build’s got heat in pretty much every category, but let’s break it down.



Scoring Attributes

Close Shot: At 73, it ain’t flashy, but it’s solid.


Driving Layup: Set at 88, you’re gonna be dangerous driving to the hoop.


Driving Dunk: An 83 rating means you’re gonna be catchin’ bodies.


Mid-Range and Three-Point: Ratings of 75 and 82 mean you’re gonna be lethal from deep.



Playmaking Attributes

Pass Accuracy: At 95, you’re throwin’ dimes like you’ve got a money-printing machine.


Ball Handling: A rating of 87 means you’ll have the rock on a string.


Speed with Ball: At 83, you’re zip-zoomin’ past defenders.



Defensive Attributes

The defense is kinda sus, not gonna lie. 71 Perimeter Defense, 45 Steal, 44 Block, and 60 Defensive Rebound. You can be decent on D, but don’t expect to be snatching chains.



Physical Attributes

Speed and Acceleration are both in the 80s, so you’ll be quick on your feet. The Vertical’s good enough for those dunks and boards, and a 95 Stamina means you won’t be gasping for air.



Badge Breakdown

Finishing Badges: Focus on Acrobat and Slithery Finisher.


Shooting Badges: Go for Hot Zone Hunter, Deadeye, and Green Machine.


Playmaking Badges: Dimer and Floor General are must-haves. Throw in Ankle Breaker for some flash.


Defensive Badges: Go for Clamps and Interceptor, even if your stats aren’t sky-high here.





The template gives you a balanced LaMelo, but if you wanna tweak, here are some pointers:


-Maybe reduce the pass accuracy a bit to boost defense.


-You can drop the driving layup slightly and add more to the three-pointer if you wanna be more of a shooting threat.




You’re basically a triple-threat on offense. Use your speed & ball-handling to break down defenses and either go for the dunk, layup or kick it out for the three… And with that 95 Pass Accuracy, your teammates better be ready for some highlight-reel assists.




Your perimeter defense isn’t trash, but it ain’t elite either. Use your length to contest shots and bother ball handlers. You’re not a lockdown defender, so play smart and don’t gamble too much.


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