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NBA 2K24: Best Kyrie IRVING Build

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Yo, what’s poppin’ hoop heads!! If you’re lookin’ to break some ankles, hit some nasty layups, and make defenders look like they’re on skates, then I got the perfect build for you—inspired by none other than the man himself, Kyrie Irving… Now, let’s dive into how to craft this beast of a MyPlayer build for NBA 2K24.



The Foundation: Player Specs

Height: 6’5″

Why?? You’re getting that extra height advantage, crucial for those contested shots.



Weight: 195 lbs

Vibe Check: This gives you the right balance of speed and strength. Kyrie may be a bit lighter, but remember, you want some muscle to body defenders.



Wingspan: 6’11”

Straight Facts: Longer arms = better shots and defense. We stretching out here!



Position: Point Guard

Gameplan: Run the floor, be the main man, and serve up some nasty dishes…



Key Stats


  • Close Shot: 60 – We ain’t too focused on these bunnies; Kyrie’s game is more about those dazzling layups.


  • Mid-Range Shot: 86 – Bro, this ain’t no joke. With a mid-range like that, you’re gonna be hitting fadeaways like it’s nothing.


  • Three-Point Shot: 86 – Get ready to splash from deep. Those 3-pointers? Easy money. Practice your shot, and the court’s basically your playground.


  • Driving Layup: 84 – This right here? This is where that Kyrie magic happens. Floaters, reverse layups, and Euro-steps. You got options, my guy.


  • Free Throw: 77 – Not the best, but decent enough to hit ’em when they count.




  • Pass Accuracy: 85 – You’re gonna be droppin’ dimes like a bank teller with slippery hands.


  • Ball Handle: 85 – This is where the fun begins. Those handles are gonna have defenders tripping over their own feet.


  • Speed With Ball: 85 – Zoom past defenders like they’re stuck in mud. Combine this with your killer handles, and you’re unstoppable.



Defense & Rebounding

  • Perimeter Defense: 98 – This is elite level stuff, man. You’re clamping down on the opposition like a vise.


  • Steal: 54 – Not the best, but combined with that insane perimeter defense, you’ll snag a few cookies from unsuspecting ball handlers.


  • Defensive Rebound: 48 – You ain’t gonna be the next Rodman, but you’ll grab a few boards when it counts.


  • Interior Defense: 35 – Okay, so big men might feast a bit. But who cares when you’re putting up 30+ on the other end?




  • Speed: 90 and Acceleration: 90 – Man, you’re fast! Like, gone-in-a-flash, defenders-can’t-keep-up fast.


  • Strength: 43 – Not the beefiest dude on the court, but remember, it’s not about size; it’s about skill.


  • Vertical: 60 – You ain’t soaring like Zion, but with those layups, who needs to?


  • Stamina: 96 – Play all day, every day. This stamina means you’re gonna be the Energizer bunny out there.




  • Clamps (Gold)


  • 94 Feet (Gold)


  • Ankle Braces (Gold)


  • Pick Dodger (Gold)


  • Off-Ball Pest (HOF)


And that’s just for defense… You can go crazy with your shooting and playmaking badges too, like Deadeye and Ankle Breaker.



Pro Tips

  • Ditch the Dunking – With both driving and standing dunk at 0 forget about slamming it down. Focus on finesse. Embrace the layup game.


  • Strength Woes – Be wary of those big, burly defenders. They might push you around a bit with your 43 strength. But use that speed to your advantage & outmaneuver them…


  • Crafty Playmaking – With the ball in your hands, control the tempo… Make use of that ball handle and pass accuracy to dictate the game.


  • Defensive Stance – Use that god-level perimeter defense. Get into those passing lanes, predict your opponent’s moves and make ’em regret challenging you.


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