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NBA 2K24: Best POST SCORER Build

Kobe in NBA 2k24

Ayo, fam! If you’ve been out here trying to break ankles and dominate the paint in NBA 2K24, I’ve got the sauce you need. After seeing those lethal post moves and insane post-hop shots, I knew the game had changed. Post scorers are coming back in a big way and if you ain’t up on it, you’re about to get left in the dust…



The Blueprint: Dominance in the Paint

Size Matters:

  • Height: Start with a skyscraper build: 7-3. You wanna tower over your opponents and make ’em feel small.


  • Weight: Crank it up to 290 pounds. Let’s keep it 100: that extra weight’s gonna give you the bullying power you need in the paint.


  • Wingspan: 8-1 Max that baby out. Those long arms are gonna help with blocks, rebounds, and of course, those nasty post moves.



Attributes Breakdown:


  • Close Shot: 93 – This ain’t even fair. You’re about to be cash from close range.


  • Standing Dunk: 80 – Why lay it up when you can just throw it down?


  • Post Control: 92 – This is the bread and butter right here. Control the post, control the game.


  • Mid-Range Shot: 78 – Having this in your arsenal? Deadly. And if you tweak that wingspan just a smidge, you might get that mid-range even higher. It’s all about those slight adjustments.


  • Pass Accuracy: 71 – Don’t sleep on this. If they double you, you gotta have that vision to dish it out to your open teammate.




  • Interior Defense: 77 – Essential for stopping those bigs down low.


  • Perimeter Defense: 52 – Even if you’re not chasing guards around, this’ll help a little.


  • Block: 87 – SWAT TEAM! Get that weak stuff outta here.


  • Offensive Rebound: 86 – Grabbing those second chances will be a breeze.


  • Defensive Rebound: 80 – Lock down that paint and clean the boards.




  • Strength: 95 – With this, you’re pretty much The Hulk in basketball shoes.


  • Acceleration: 30 – Look, we ain’t sprinting marathons here. It’s enough to get by.


  • Vertical: 52


  • Stamina: 87 – Gotta have that energy to keep dominating, especially late in the game.



Badge Talk:

  • With a 92 post control, you’re bagging Gold Unpluckable. Meaning? Those pesky guards ain’t swiping the ball from you.


  • Hall of Fame badges galore like Post Fade Phenom and Dream Shake to school your defenders.


  • And don’t even get me started on that Hall of Fame Pro Touch. With layup timing in the mix, this badge is about to change the game for post scorers.



Gameplay Tips

Aight, so you’re set up with this monstrous post scorer, yeah? This ain’t your mama’s build, bro; this is some Godzilla-in-the-paint type stuff. Here’s how you maximize this build on the court.



Get to Your Spot:

  • You’re a mountain with a 7-3 build weighing 290. Don’t be shy—muscle your way into that low block or mid-post area. Once you’re there, it’s barbecue chicken, my guy.



The Art of the Back-Down:

  • Got your defender on you? Hit ’em with that back-down. Use that Hulk strength to shove ’em outta the way and carve out that space.



Scoring Options:

  • Hook Shots: Your close shot is at 93, fam. Once you’re deep in the paint, hook shots are basically cheat codes. Left hooks, right hooks—keep ’em guessing.


  • Fades: Got that Hall of Fame Post Fade Phenom, right? Time to make it count. Back down your defender, create a little space, and then fade away like you’re Kobe. Bucket.


  • Drop Steps: With 92 post control, this move is lethal. Hit ’em with the quick drop step and go up strong. Your standing dunk is an 80, so be ready to slam it home if you got the space.


  • Up and Under (Dream Shake): Got ’em biting on the pump fake? Hit ’em with the up and under. Make Hakeem proud.



Don’t Forget to Dish:

  • If they start bringing the double team, you gotta have the IQ to hit that open man. Your pass accuracy is at 71, which is more than enough to dish it out to a shooter spotting up or a cutter.



On the Defensive End:

  • You’re not just an offensive powerhouse; you’re a guardian of the rim. With an 87 block and 77 interior defense, make sure you’re holding down the fort. Get that SWAT TEAM badge flashing with those big blocks.



Crash the Boards:

  • Your rebounding stats are fire. Use that 8-1 wingspan to snag boards on both ends. That’s extra possessions for your team and fewer for the other guys.



Badges are Life:

  • Keep grinding those badges. Get those Hall of Fame joints maxed out. They elevate your game from “just another big” to “unstoppable beast.”




  • You got 87 stamina, which is good, but don’t get reckless. Save some juice for the clutch moments.



Keep ‘Em Guessing:

  • The key to being a dominant post scorer is unpredictability. Don’t get too in love with one move; keep mixing it up. Throw in a shimmy, hit a quick spin, then go back to that trusty hook…


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