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NBA 2K24: Best Nikola JOKIC Build

Nikola JOKIC NBA 2K24

What’s up, 2K fam? If y’all are looking to ball out like the Joker, Nikola Jokic, in NBA 2K24, you’ve hit the jackpot. We’re about to dive deep into the ultimate build guide that’s gonna make your opponents double-take, thinking you’ve got Jokic himself on the sticks.



Position & Body

Position: No brainer, you’re rolling with the Center (C).


Height: 6’11”. You’re big, but not too big, just like the real Jokic.


Weight: 224 pounds. This gives you a clean 84 strength to muscle out in the post.


Wingspan: 7 feet. You could go 6’11” to get a slightly better 3-pointer, but trust, that extra inch makes a difference on both ends of the floor.



Attributes Breakdown

Scoring in the Paint

Close Shot: 86 – You’re a bucket, plain and simple. When you’re near the hoop, it’s basically a guaranteed two points.


Driving Layup: 40 – Look, layups ain’t your forte. But who needs ’em when you got a soft touch like yours?


Driving Dunk: 55 – You’re not about to win any dunk contests, but you got enough bounce to catch some bodies here and there.


Standing Dunk: 81 – Yo, this is where it’s at. Catch the ball down low and you’re slamming it home, no question.


Post Control: 90 – A 90, bro! You’re a maestro in the post. Hit ’em with the shimmy, the fakes, whatever you got. It’s your world down there.



Shooting Like a Sniper

Mid-Range Shot: 93 – Your mid-range game is cash money. You’re pulling up like you’re KD or something.


Three-Point Shot: 85 – Bro, you’re a stretch big. Step out beyond the arc and make it rain, my guy.


Free Throw: 71 – You’re no Steph Curry from the stripe, but you’re gonna hit ’em when it counts.



Floor General Vibes

Pass Accuracy: 92 – Point-center alert! You’re dropping dimes like it’s no one’s business.


Ball Handle: 60 – For a big guy, you can handle the rock. Maybe you won’t cross anyone up, but you ain’t tripping over yourself either.


Speed With Ball: 55 – You won’t be leading fast breaks, but you can bring the ball up without looking goofy.



Defensive Prowess

Interior Defense: 74 – You can hold your own in the paint. Don’t let those other bigs get comfy…


Perimeter Defense: 71 – For a center, this is legit. You can step out and guard those stretch bigs.


Steal: 31 – Let’s be real, you ain’t snatching cookies, but you got other ways to be a menace.


Block: 77 – You’re blocking shots like it’s your day job. SWAT team, stand up!



Beast on the Boards

Offensive Rebound: 65 – You’ll snag some key boards to give your team those second-chance points.


Defensive Rebound: 85 – You own the glass on D. Nobody’s getting an easy second look on your watch.




  • Speed: 73 – You’re faster than most bigs, so use that to your advantage.


  • Acceleration: 59 – You ain’t quick off the mark but you get where you need to be.


  • Strength: 84 – Body up! Play that bully ball in the paint.


  • Vertical: 70 – Got some hops! Catch those lobs and finish with authority.


  • Stamina: 95 – Marathon man! Stay fresh from tip-off to the final buzzer.



Gameplay Tips: How to Ball Out With Your Jokić Build

Alright, y’all, now that you’ve got the build set, let’s chop it up on how to dominate the court with this Jokić-like monster. Follow these gems, and you’re bound to be the MVP on any squad.



Post Up & Play Make

With that Post Control at 90, you’re the king of the block. Work your defender, get ’em leaning one way, and hit ’em with the drop step or the spin. Your close shot is tight, so once you’re near the rim, it’s over.


But don’t sleep on that Pass Accuracy of 92. If you see a double team coming, kick it out to the open man. You’re basically the big man version of Chris Paul with those dimes.



Mid-Range Magic

Got a defender sagging off you? Hit ’em with that Mid-Range Shot at 93. That’s easy money all day. Use screens to get an open look or simply back down your defender and turn around for the jumper.



Stretch the Floor

Three-Point Shot at 85 means you’re a threat from deep. Make those other bigs step out and respect your shot.



Push the Pace, but Wisely

You’ve got some decent speed for a big man. If you grab a board, feel free to push it up the court a bit. But remember, you’re not a guard, so if you see trouble, pass it off.



Protect the Paint

Your interior defense and blocking are legit. Challenge shots, make ’em rethink driving on you. And with that wingspan? Bro, you’re swatting shots like flies.



Board Up

Crashing the boards is key. Use that Defensive Rebound of 85 to end possessions and that offensive rebounding to give your team second chances.



Conserve Energy

With a stamina of 95, you can go hard, but remember, you’re a big body moving a lot. Pick your spots, especially on fast breaks. Save that energy for clutch moments.



Pass Out of the Post

Feel the double coming? Use that vision and passing accuracy. Find cutters, spot-up shooters, and make ’em pay for trying to swarm you…



Practice Your Free Throws

A 71 free throw ain’t bad, but it’s not elite. Get to the practice gym and work on it, ’cause when it’s crunch time, every point matters.


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