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NBA 2K24: Best Tim DUNCAN Build

Tim Duncan in NBA 2K24

Yo, hoop heads! If you’re looking to recreate one of the most dominant power forwards in NBA history -> Mr. Fundamental himself, Tim Duncan, in NBA 2K24, you’ve landed at the right spot… This guide is gonna lay down the blueprint on how to capture that Timmy D essence in the game.


First and foremost, you gotta understand that making an exact replica of a player like Tim Duncan ain’t easy… The dude’s an all-time great. However, with the right tweaks and the correct approach, you can get a build that plays just like him and dominates on the court. So let’s start breaking ankles and racking up those double-doubles.



Physical Attributes

Starting off with the Physicals:


  • Height: Set this bad boy at 6’11”. It’s right around where Timmy was and gives you that length to dominate inside.


  • Weight: 255 lbs is the sweet spot. This gives you some meat on them bones for those post moves and rebounding battles.


  • Wingspan: Stretch those arms out to 7’2″. This is key for grabbing boards and swatting shots.



Attributes Breakdown

Position: PF



Offensive Stats

  • Close Shot: Bump this up to 85. Timmy had a soft touch around the rim and so should you.


  • Driving Layup: A 70 here is decent. While Tim wasn’t known for his flashy layups, he could get to the basket.


  • Driving Dunk: 73. Not going for those flashy dunks but enough to throw it down when needed.


  • Standing Dunk: 87. Duncan was lethal in the post. Get those easy buckets!


  • Post Control: 79. Control the post, make defenders look silly.


  • Mid-Range Shot: Keep it real at 75. Duncan had a solid mid-range game, especially that bank shot.


  • Three-Point Shot: 66


  • Free Throw: Drop it to 54. Let’s be real, nobody’s perfect.



Passing & Ball Handling

  • Pass Accuracy: Hit a 68. Duncan could dish out dimes from the post.


  • Ball Handle: Keeping it low at 33. No need for dribble god moves here; keep it fundamental.



Defensive Stats

  • Interior Defense: 82. You’re a wall in the paint.


  • Perimeter Defense: 38. Timmy wasn’t chasing guards around; focus on protecting the rim.


  • Steal: Respectable 60.


  • Block: Crank this up to 92. Channel your inner Duncan and send those shots packing!




  • Offensive Rebound: Solid 70. Hustle for those second chances.


  • Defensive Rebound: Put it up to 85. Own the glass.



Physical Stats

  • Speed: 68. Duncan wasn’t a speedster, but he wasn’t slow either.


  • Acceleration: 55. Enough to get up and down the court.


  • Speed with Ball:


  • Strength: Boost this to 92. Use that strength in the post.


  • Vertical: A 70 here should be enough to rise and grab boards.


  • Stamina: Set this to 90. You gotta be able to run the floor and dominate all game.



Gameplay Tips for DUNCAN Build

Offensive Tips

Bank is Open: With a mid-range shot at 75, you gotta make that bank shot your bread and butter, just like Timmy did.


Bully in the Post: You got that 79 Post Control and a solid 87 Standing Dunk. Work the defender in the post and then give ’em that business with a power dunk. Show ’em why you’re a beast in the paint!


Soft Touch: Close shot at 85 means you can drop those little hooks and floaters with ease. Don’t be scared to get a little finesse in your game!



Defensive Tips

Interior Defense: With an 82, you’re a brick wall. Make them second guess coming into the paint.


Rebound King: You’re sittin’ pretty with 85 on Defensive Rebounds and a 70 on Offensive Rebounds. Crash those boards like it’s your job. More boards, more possessions, more dubs.



General Tips

Fundamentals First: You ain’t no dribble god with a 33 Ball Handle, but that’s cool. Stick to the basics and you’ll still rack up those double-doubles.


Play Smart, Play Big: With that 68 Pass Accuracy, you can dish it out when you need to. Be the quarterback in the post; kick it out to shooters or find the cutter.


Know Your Role: You ain’t the fastest on the court, but you got that 92 Strength. Use that to your advantage to seal off defenders and make space. Be the anchor on defense and the go-to in the clutch on offense.


Free Throws: Alright, your FT is at 54, so maybe you ain’t money from the charity stripe. That’s cool, just make ’em when it counts.


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