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NBA 2K24: Best Zion WILLIAMSON Build


Yo, what’s good, NBA 2K24 fam? So, you’re looking to create the most beastly Zion Williamson build, huh? Look no further, ’cause I got you covered. This guide’s gonna break down everything you need to know to make the Zion of your dreams in 2K24.



Position & Size

  • Position: Power Forward. Sure, you could get wild and make him a PG, but let’s be real. Power Forward is where Zion shines brightest.


  • Height: 6’6″. It ain’t the exact height, but we’re compromising to get those sweet attributes and badges.


  • Weight: 265 lbs. This is crucial to ensure he’s got that bulldozer strength.


  • Wingspan: 6’10”. For those crazy blocks and dunks.




Scoring Inside:

  • Close Shot (77): Man, Zion’s bread and butter. Dude’s a monster up close. With a 77, you’ll be able to finish those close shots with consistency. Any higher and you’re basically a demi-god.


  • Driving Layup (73): Zion ain’t Kyrie with the jelly, but with a 73? He’s got some moves. You ain’t gonna miss those easy layups.


  • Driving Dunk (93): No brainer, fam. You want those highlight reels? Gotta max this out. Zion’s power and athleticism? This stat encapsulates that.


  • Standing Dunk (83): Perfect for those quick put-back jams off the board. If someone’s sleepin’ on D, make ’em pay.


  • Post Control (68): Not Zion’s main game, but it gives you options in the post, especially against them undersized defenders.



Mid-Range & Beyond:

  • Mid-Range Shot (55): Look, Zion ain’t KD with the mid-range. But he ain’t a total slouch either. This means when he’s open, he’s got a shot, but it ain’t his go-to.


  • Three-Point Shot (70): Enough to keep defenders honest. They sag off? Make ’em regret it. But remember, this ain’t Curry range.


  • Free Throw (45): Let’s keep it real, Zion’s FT game needs work. But hey, every GOAT has a flaw.



Ball Handling & Playmaking:

  • Pass Accuracy (68): He ain’t droppin’ Magic Johnson dimes, but Zion can dish when needed. This keeps the defense guessing.


  • Ball Handle (76): Enough handles to cook some defenders. Maybe not breaking ankles, but you can get to the rim.


  • Speed With Ball (72): Dude’s a freight train. He might not be the fastest but combined with his strength?? It’s a BIG problem.



Defense & Hustle:

  • Interior Defense (75): Zion’s presence in the paint is felt. He ain’t gonna get bullied easily with this stat.


  • Perimeter Defense (76): Quick feet mean he can guard some wings.


  • Steal (72): Not a pickpocket, but he’s got quick hands. Catch players slipping? Snatch it.


  • Block (68): Not Dikembe Mutombo, but Zion got hops. Protect the rim and surprise some dudes thinking they got an easy layup.



Rebounding & Physicals:

  • Offensive Rebound (34): Low, but Zion uses his body more than pure rebounding skill.


  • Defensive Rebound (78): He’s there grabbing those boards. Outmuscle and outjump.


  • Speed (75): For his size? Dude moves. Transition game? Killer.


  • Acceleration (70): From 0 to 100, Zion can hit his top speed fast, especially when driving to the rim.


  • Strength (96): The core of Zion. Dude’s a tank. With this, you’re bullying anyone in the paint.


  • Vertical (80): Those alley-oops? Those monster jams? This right here.


  • Stamina (90): To keep the energy levels high. Don’t want him gassed out in crucial moments.



Key Badges

You’ve got the attributes down, but to really make Zion pop, you need those badges. Here’s a quick rundown:


  • Finishing Badges: Prioritize Gold Posterizer, and if you can, throw in some Silver Rise Up and Fast Twitch.


  • Shooting Badges: Aim for Silver Catch and Shoot. If you’re feeling it, maybe toss in Corner Specialist.


  • Playmaking Badges: Get that Bronze Speed Booster and maybe even Dimer if you can swing it.


  • Defensive Badges: Interceptor, Post Lockdown, and Clamps are all must-haves.



Gameplay Tips for the Beastly Zion Build

Yo, yo, yo, NBA 2K24 squad, you’ve got the Zion build all set up, right? Attributes are on point and those badges are lit. Now let’s get down to some gameplay tips to unleash the beast!




ISO King: Put Zion in isolation situations. With that 76 Ball Handle and 72 Speed With Ball, you can drive past most big men like they’re standing still.


Post Up: Don’t sleep on that 68 Post Control. When you’re up against those baby bigs, make ’em look silly with a quick post spin or a drop step.


High Flyer: Always look for those fast break opportunities. With 93 Driving Dunk, throw it down like it’s a dunk contest…


Pick & Roll Monster: Use that 96 Strength and Gold Brick Wall to set monster screens, then roll hard to the basket. You’ll either get an easy dunk or make the defense collapse, opening up shooters.


Shoot When Open: Don’t hesitate if you’re open from deep. With that 70 Three-Point Shot and Silver Catch and Shoot, you’re not a one-trick pony. Make ’em respect you from beyond the arc.




Paint Protector: You’ve got 75 Interior Defense and Silver Clamps. Use it to contest shots in the paint, but also feel free to switch onto smaller players. You can keep up.


Help Side Blocker: With that 68 Block and 80 Vertical, don’t be afraid to be the help-side defender for those sneaky blocks.


The Steal Machine: Use your 72 Steal and Silver Interceptor to make passing lanes dangerous for the other team. Jump those passing routes and get some easy transition buckets…


Rebounding Machine: 78 Defensive Rebound means you should be swallowing up boards. Use that 80 Vertical and get above the rim.


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