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NBA 2K24: Best BIG Man Build


Back in the day, BIGs were just there to rebound and dunk. But now?? They’re dribbling, shooting threes and running plays… We’re talking Anthony Davis and Joel Embiid vibes. So, if you wanna be the king of the court, here’s how you craft the ultimate BIG man in NBA 2K24.



Position & Height

Center (C) or Power Forward (PF)?


  • If you’re looking to be that traditional rim-protecting, glass-cleaning monster, go with the Center.


  • Fancy yourself as a stretch big or someone who can handle the rock and shoot from deep? Power Forward might be your jam.


  • Height: 7’1″ – Tall enough to tower over most and snag those boards.


  • Weight: 260 lbs – A balance between strength and agility. You ain’t tryna get posted up by other giants, right?



Attributes: Where to Spend Those Points


  • Three-Pointer: I know it’s tempting to go all-in on interior scoring, but trust me, you wanna sink some points into your three-ball. Even if it’s just a 74-75 rating, you gotta keep ’em honest.


  • Free Throw: Look, unless you’re a brick layer, 75 in free throw should be good enough. Don’t make it complicated.




  • Passing: Go for a 75 pass rating. This gets you that silver break starter badge, which can be clutch in transition.



Defense and Rebounding

  • Interior Defense: I’d roll with a 78. The game’s mechanics this year are forgiving enough that you don’t have to max this out to be effective.


  • Perimeter Defense: Don’t go crazy here. Just enough to not be a liability.


  • Steal: Drop it to 67. You’re a big man; you’re not gonna be picking pockets like CP3.


  • Block: Go big or go home—92. Shot-blocking is buffed this year, so you don’t need to max it out.


  • Rebounding: Get offensive rebounding up to 99 and defensive rebounding to around 84. Offense is where you’ll need to make the big plays.




  • Speed: Keep it at 60. You’re 7’1″, so forget about running fast breaks.


  • Strength: Max it out at 88. You need that strength for banging in the paint and setting killer screens…


  • Stamina: Go high—like 94. Big men run out of gas quick, so don’t skimp here.




  • Shooting Badges: Gold Anchor (if you have 92 Block) – You wanna hold down the paint, and this badge will help you out big time.


  • Playmaking Badges: Silver or Gold Break Starter – Important for those quick outlets and fast breaks…


  • Defensive Badges: Hall of Fame Rebound Chaser – Non-negotiable. You need this for your boards.


  • Physical Badges: Silver Brick Wall – To get those tough screens set for your guards.



Gameplay Tips

On Offense

  • If you’re open beyond the arc, don’t hesitate. Make ’em pay for leaving you open.


  • Roll or pop after setting a screen. Keep the defense guessing.



On Defense

  • Stay disciplined. Don’t jump at every pump fake…


  • Box out. Always.. Those rebounds aren’t gonna grab themselves.



On Transition

  • Look to pass first. You’re not gonna be the one running the floor but you can start the fast break with a killer outlet pass…


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