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NBA 2K24: Best Ray ALLEN Build

NBA 2K24: Best Ray ALLEN Build

Yo, ballers! If you’re here, you’re probably looking to create a killer build in NBA 2K24 and channel the essence of one of the greatest shooters the league has ever seen: Ray Allen. So, grab your kicks, because we’re diving deep into this guide and cooking up that perfect Ray Allen build.



Why Ray Allen, Though?

First off let’s get one thing straight: Ray Allen was an absolute sniper from beyond the arc… Dude had a stroke that was smoother than butter on a hot skillet, and if you’re trying to rain threes like it’s monsoon season, this build is for you. Plus, we’re tapping into that 2007-2008 Celtics Ray Allen vibe. Legendary…



Position and Physicals

Position: SG (Shooting Guard), ‘cause that’s where the magic happened.


Height: Go for 6’5”. Tall enough to shoot over most PGs but agile enough to maneuver around the bigger guys.


Weight: 205 lbs. Athletic and nimble – just like Ray.


Wingspan: Stretch it out to 6’7″. Those long arms are key to shooting over defenders and getting those sweet, sweet green releases.



Attribute Points Breakdown

Inside Game

Close Shot: 85 – Bro, your MyPlayer’s gonna be money when he’s close to the hoop. Layups, tip-ins, you name it.


Driving Layup: 85 – Those smooth finishes at the rim? Yeah, you’re gonna have that on lock.


Driving Dunk: 66 – You ain’t about to be Air Jordan out there, but best believe you’re throwing it down when the lane opens up.


Standing Dunk: – (Nothin’ here fam, but who needs it? You ain’t a big anyway.)


Post Control: 60 – Got a lil’ bit of that post sauce. Not your main game, but enough to make ’em respect you.




Mid-Range Shot: 86 – Those pull-up Js from the elbow? That’s gonna be bread and butter.


Three-Point Shot: 96 – Man, listen! You’re gonna be wet from beyond the arc. Catch, shoot, splash, repeat.


Free Throw: 90 – And when they hack you? Straight cash from the line. No stress.




Pass Accuracy: 79 – Droppin’ dimes and making your teammates look good. That’s you.


Ball Handle: 78 – You got the handles to get where you need to go. Defenders better watch out!


Speed With Ball: 70 – Pushin’ that rock up the court with some pep. Fast breaks just got deadly.




Perimeter Defense: 84 – Ain’t nobody getting easy looks on your watch. Lockdown mode: activated.


Steal: 60 – Swiping them pockets and causing turnovers here and there; keep ’em on their toes!!


Block: – (You ain’t swatting like Mutombo, but hey, stay grounded and keep that hand up.)


Interior Defense: – (Big men might feast, but that ain’t your assignment anyway. Stick to those wings and guards.)




Offensive Rebound: 26 – Look, you ain’t gonna be Moses Malone out there, but you might snatch a few unexpected boards.


Defensive Rebound: 60 – Decent on the glass for a guard. Making sure them one-and-done possessions happen.




Speed: 75 – Quick enough to blow by defenders and get to your spots.


Acceleration: 75 – Zero to real quick in a split second. Great for first steps and bursts.


Strength: 35 – You ain’t in the weight room flexing on ’em, but you’re strong where it counts.


Vertical: 49 – Got some bounce to you. Enough to surprise ’em every now and then.


Stamina: 93 – Marathon man vibes. Playing big minutes and still being the clutch guy late game.



Gameplay Tips

Feel the Rhythm

Ray was all about that smooth rhythm. So when you’re out there, don’t just chuck up shots. Work off screens, find that open space, and let it fly when you feel the groove.



Spacing is Key

Remember, your three-point game is lethal. Use that to your advantage! Keep that spacing, drag defenders out the paint, and give your team more room to work with.



Pick & Roll Magic

Use them pick & rolls to perfection. Your mid-range game’s solid, so coming off a screen and pulling up is gonna be a regular thing. If they go under the screen, make ’em pay from deep.



Transition Threat

With your speed and shot, you’re a menace in transition. Fill the lanes, spot up, and if they slack even a bit, let that three-ball rip.



Defensive Mindset

Your perimeter D is tight… So play those passing lanes, contest shots, and don’t let your man get comfortable. If they get by you, trust your team’s help defense.



Off-Ball Movement

Don’t just stand there when you ain’t got the rock. Cut, move, get open. Keep your defender on his toes. Your off-ball movement is as crucial as when the ball’s in your hands.



Know When to Drive

With that solid layup game, don’t sleep on driving to the rim, especially when they’re closing out hard on you. Mix it up to keep defenders guessing.



Crash the Boards

Even though rebounding ain’t your forte, surprise the opponent by crashing the boards every now and then, especially on the defensive end -> grabbing a board and pushing the pace can be a game-changer…



Conserve that Energy

Even with that high stamina, know when to push and when to chill. Marathon, not a sprint. Save that energy for clutch moments.



Be a Team Player

Yeah, you’re channeling Ray, but remember the Celtics were a Big Three. Find your open teammates, make those extra passes, and trust the squad.


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