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NBA 2K24: Kobe BRYANT Build

Kobe Bryant NBA 2K24 Cover Art

Hey fam! I know y’all have been itching for this, so let’s dive deep into how to craft the ultimate Kobe Bryant build in NBA 2K24. If you’re trying to ball like the Black Mamba himself, you’re in the right place.



The Mamba Mentality

Before we get into the nuts and bolts, remember one thing: Kobe’s game was all about skill, finesse, and that Mamba Mentality. So, when creating this build, it’s not just about the stats, but capturing that killer instinct on the court.



Player Height and Weight

  • Initial thoughts: I started with a 6’5″ build because, you know, 2K23 vibes. Shorter = faster, right? But hold up!


  • Adjustments: Kobe was a solid 6’6″, so that’s where we gotta be. Plus, going 6’6″ gives us a little bump in overall potential. As for weight, hover around 205. You wanna be lean and quick but still pack a punch.



Key Stats Breakdown

  • Vertical: We kick it off with an 86 vertical. Why? Because those high-flying contact dunks ain’t gonna dunk themselves.


  • Driving Dunk: 96 driving dunk ensures you get every single contact dunk animation in the game. We out here trying to posterize folks Mamba-style.


  • Ball Handle and Speed with Ball: Aim for 88 in both. This is crucial because Kobe’s slick animations require these numbers.



Shooting: That Mid-Range Magic

  • Kobe wasn’t just a dunker; he was the king of the mid-range. Lock in an 86-89 mid-range shot to keep defenders guessing.


  • Three-Point: I toyed with this, but remember, while Kobe could hit the three, he wasn’t Steph Curry. Settle around a 76. It’s respectable, and with the right badges and takeovers, you’ll be solid beyond the arc.



Defense: Where’s My Block?

This is where things got tricky for me. I initially overlooked defense, but bruh, Kobe was all-NBA first team defense. Aim for:


  • Perimeter Defense: Around 80


  • Steal: Somewhere in the 70s. We wanna snag those loose balls.


  • Block: Here’s the kicker. We need some blocking stats, even if it’s not sky-high. Aim for at least a mid-60s block rating. Trust, it’ll make a difference.



Post Game: Fadeaway Dreams

It ain’t a Kobe build without that post magic.


  • Post Control: Minimum 85. You want that Hall of Fame post fake maestro badge.


  • Post Fade: Make sure this is high too. You want that signature fadeaway to be deadly.



Badges and Takeovers

  • Finishing: Hall of Fame Two-Step and Spin Cycle. Period.


  • Shooting: Prioritize badges that boost your mid-range game.


  • Defense: Clamps on Silver, at least. And if you can, work towards some blocking badges to get that added edge on D.


Before you finalize test it out… You’ll probably feel some things missing. Maybe you’ll crave more speed or you’ll notice that lack of block hurts. Take the build for a spin in various game modes see how it vibes, and make adjustments accordingly.


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