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NBA 2K24: Best Ben WALLACE Build

NBA 2K24: Best Ben WALLACE Build

Yo, ballers! If you’re here, you must be lookin’ to create a beast on the court reminiscent of the Detroit Pistons legend, Ben Wallace. Well, you’ve clicked on the right guide. Big Ben was the heart and soul of the Pistons, a 4-time DPOY, and you’re about to recreate that monstrous presence in NBA 2K24. Strap in, ’cause we’re about to break ankles (and maybe a few backboards) with this one!



Physicals: Getting the Frame Right

Position: Center (C).


Height: Set Big Ben at a solid 6’9″. While it might seem a tad short for a center, remember we’re going for agility and speed too.


Weight: Beef him up to 248 lbs. It’s the sweet spot to keep him nimble but still strong enough to body opponents in the post.


Wingspan: Stretch those arms out to a whopping 7’6″. This ain’t just for swatting shots, but also for snagging those boards…



Attributes Breakdown

Alright fam, let’s dive deep into these stats and break it down, bar by bar:



Shooting Skills

Close Shot: We got a 70 here. So while you ain’t Steph Curry, you’re solid enough to pop one in when you’re up close and personal.


Mid-Range Shot: It’s a 40. Not your bread and butter, but it’s something. Keep it mostly inside tho.


Three-Point Shot: Straight-up nonexistent. But hey, Big Ben ain’t known for droppin’ treys.


Free Throw: Sitting at 65, so you ain’t Shaq at the line. You’ll sink a few when they start hacking.



Inside Moves

Driving Layup: We got 45 on this -> Not silky smooth but it’ll get the job done in a pinch…


Driving Dunk: A solid 65. Get a lane and throw it down, my guy!


Standing Dunk: Oh, we big time with an 80 here! Catch a body in the paint!


Post Control: A lil’ 61 action here. Enough to pull off some basic post moves on ’em.



Playmaking Vibes

Pass Accuracy: With 48, you ain’t no CP3, but you can still toss a decent dime.


Ball Handle: Doesn’t exist for this build. No fancy crossovers here. Just pure big man energy.


Speed With Ball: Again, ain’t no number here. You’re not the one bringing the ball up, chief.



Lockdown Defense

Interior Defense: A spicy 85. You’re basically a brick wall in the paint.


Perimeter Defense: A respectable 60. For a big man, you can kinda keep up with those guards.


Steal: Sitting pretty at 72. Got some quick hands to swipe that rock.


Block: YOOO, that’s a 99! Absolute block party. Send those weak shots to the stands!



Hustle on the Boards

Offensive Rebound: An 80? Bet. Crash those boards and give your squad those second chances.


Defensive Rebound: BOOM, 99! Nobody’s getting anything when you’re around. Own the glass!




Speed: Got a 65 here. For a big dude, you can book it when you need to.


Acceleration: 50 – you ain’t zero to sixty real quick, but you’ll get there.


Strength: Stacked at 92. Bench pressing dudes in the post.


Vertical: Jumping out the gym with an 85. Skies the limit.


Stamina: A solid 92, so you’re running all game long, barely breaking a sweat.



Gameplay Tips for the Ultimate Ben Wallace Build

Dominate the Paint: With your post control, standing dunk, and strength stats, ain’t nobody should be chilling comfortably in the paint when you’re around. Use that strength to back down smaller defenders, then drop that close shot on ’em. Remember, you the king of the post!


No Treys? No Problem: Yeah, your three-point shot is non-existent, but that ain’t your role anyway. Instead, set strong picks to free up your sharpshooters and slashers. They’ll appreciate the space, and you can roll to the rim lookin’ for that oop!


Rebounding Machine: Your defensive and offensive rebounding stats are off the charts. Always be on the move, boxing out and asserting dominance on the glass. Every possession counts, and with you around, it’s gonna count in your team’s favor.


Block Party Every Night: With a block stat at 99, you’re basically the no-fly zone of the paint. Keep an eye on those driving players, time your jumps, and swat those weak layups outta there.


Play Smart on Defense: Your perimeter defense is surprisingly decent for a big man. Switch on pick and rolls if you have to and use that interior defense to contest shots. With your wingspan and vertical, you’ll be a menace even outside the paint.


Fast Breaks: With a speed of 65 and that vertical, you can definitely be a threat in transition. Run the floor after a big defensive play, and look for those throw-down opportunities.


Energy All Day: That 92 stamina means you’re gonna be a force throughout the game. No need to take too many breathers. Push the pace, tire out those other bigs, and let ’em feel your presence all game long.


Be Smart with the Rock: Even though you ain’t gonna be crossing anyone up, be smart with the ball. Use your pass accuracy when you get the rock in the post. Spot a cutting teammate? Toss that dime!


Work on that Free Throw: In clutch moments, they might try to send you to the line. Be ready. Practice that free throw, so you make ’em pay every time they try that hack-a-Ben strategy…


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