NBA 2K24: Best Ben SIMMONS Build - MGW

NBA 2K24: Best Ben SIMMONS Build

NBA 2K24: Best Ben SIMMONS Build

Yo, ballers! If you’re trying to take your MyPLAYER to the top in 2K24 and rep the style of the Australian phenom, Ben Simmons, you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to break down the dopest Ben Simmons build – so strap in!



Position & Archetype

Position: We got Ben at Center. Unconventional? Yup, but watch the magic unfold.


Height: Big Ben’s standing tall at 6’10”. Ready to shut down the paint.


Weight: At 230 lbs, he’s got that balance of speed and power.


Wingspan: 7’1″ wingspan? Bro’s swatting everything that comes close.



Attributes Breakdown

Close Shot (90): Simmons is money in the bank up close. When he’s near the rim, it’s a guaranteed bucket.


Driving Layup (78): Homie’s smooth with it. Not everyone at his size can lay it in with such finesse.


Driving Dunk (86) & Standing Dunk (81): Man can take flight, whether he’s driving down the lane or catching bodies in the paint. Catch him on a good day, and you might just see a poster.


Post Control (85): Ben’s got moves down low, dancing on opponents like they’re on skates.


Mid-Range (51) & Three-Point Shot (30): Aight, shooting ain’t his bread and butter. But you know, every dog has its day. If you’re feeling it, let it fly; just don’t expect Curry numbers.


Free Throw (70): It ain’t elite, but it gets the job done. Still, focus up and sink those freebies.


Pass Accuracy (87): Simmons dishes out dimes like a bank teller. His vision on the court? Unmatched.


Ball Handle (76): For a dude his size, he dribbles like he’s got the rock on a leash.


Speed With Ball (68): He ain’t the Flash, but he’s swift enough to push that pace and catch the defense sleeping.


Interior Defense (70) & Perimeter Defense (80): Ben’s got them clamps. Whether it’s in the paint or on the perimeter, he’s locking dudes down.


Steal (72) & Block (60): Active hands? Check… A knack for swatting shots? Double-check.


Offensive Rebound (60) & Defensive Rebound (83): On the offensive glass, he’s decent. But defensively? Bro’s snatching boards like they’re limited edition sneakers.


Speed (70) & Acceleration (66): Ben moves pretty quick for his size. When he gets going, it’s like a freight train, and it ain’t easy to stop.


Strength (82): Man’s built solid. Good luck trying to bully him in the paint.


Vertical (75): He’s got some hops. Not Vince Carter status, but enough to get the job done.


Stamina (94): Dude’s an energizer bunny -> he can go all day without breaking a sweat…



Gameplay Tips for The Ben Simmons MyPLAYER Build

Dominate the Paint:

Y’all already know, Simmons is a beast in the paint. Use that height and post control to your advantage. Back down smaller defenders and drop those easy buckets. If you see an opening, go hard with that driving dunk and put somebody on a poster!



Push the Pace:

Even though Simmons ain’t the quickest, you can still push the break. After snatching that defensive board, look for fast-break opportunities. If the lane’s open, drive and finish. If not, look for a teammate on the wing.



Dish & Swish:

Remember, this build ain’t just about scoring. With Ben’s passing ability, you can dish dimes all day. Drive and kick to open shooters or slashers. Run that pick and roll, and find that rolling big man or pop out for the mid-range jumper. Make the defense play on its heels!



Play Big on D:

With those long arms and his defensive prowess, challenge every shot in the paint. Use that wingspan to your advantage. Stay in front of your man, anticipate those passing lanes, and snatch some steals.



Pick & Roll Maestro:

Use that size mismatch. Call for screens, and then either take it to the rim or dish it to the roller. Most defenders won’t expect a big man like Simmons to handle the ball and facilitate, so catch them off guard!



Limit those Deep Shots:

We all know shooting ain’t Simmons’ forte, so don’t force threes. Play to his strengths. If you have an open mid-range, take it occasionally, but prioritize attacking the basket.



Utilize Post Moves:

Don’t sleep on the post game. Use shimmy hooks, drop steps, and spins to get easy looks under the rim. Simmons can dance on most defenders down there.



Energy Never Dies:

Dude’s got mad stamina. Use it! Stay aggressive throughout the game. Whether it’s crashing the boards, running the break, or locking down on D, keep that motor running…



Strength Over Everything:

Bully smaller defenders. When matched up against guards or smaller forwards in the post, use that weight advantage and punish them. Drop that shoulder, and get that easy bucket.


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