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NBA 2K24: Best Shaquille O’Neal Build

Shaquille O'Neal in NBA 2K24

Yo, ballers! If you’re looking to dominate the paint, break some backboards, and channel your inner “Diesel”, then you’re in the right spot. We’re breaking down the ultimate Shaquille O’Neal build for NBA 2K24. So let’s dive in and get you ballin’ like the big fella!



Why Shaq?

First off, why even aim for a Shaq build? Simple. Think about the raw power, dominance, and ability to just body anyone in the paint. The man was a force of nature, and who doesn’t want to recreate that on the virtual hardwood?



The Basics

  • Position: Center, obviously. We’re talking about the Big Aristotle here.


  • Height: 7 feet. Shaq wasn’t called a “giant” for nothing.


  • Weight: 250 pounds. He got that BBQ chicken weight.


  • Wingspan: Stretch those arms out to a whopping 7 feet 10 inches. This ain’t just for swatting shots; it’s for those alley-oops too.



Attributes Breakdown

  • Driving Layup (55): Look, Shaq wasn’t really known for his graceful layups, but you gotta have some points here.


  • Driving Dunk (75): This is where the magic happens. When Shaq was running the break, the rim was in danger. You want those powerful slams.


  • Standing Dunk (92): Essential. Get this up there for those powerful putbacks and posterizing dunks. Nobody’s stopping you in the paint.


  • Mid-Range Shot (44): While the Diesel wasn’t dropping mid-range J’s, having this a bit up ensures you’re not a total liability.


  • Free Throw (44): We know, we know. Shaq wasn’t the best at the line, but in the game, you don’t want to be a total brick layer.


  • Pass Accuracy (86): Surprise! Shaq had vision. He could dish it out when doubled, so make sure you can hit that open man.


  • Ball Handle (62) & Speed With Ball (48): Now, while Shaq wasn’t out here breaking ankles, he had decent handles for a big man. And when he got on the break? Man it was like a freight train…


  • Defense: Shaq was a monster defensively. Crank that Interior Defense to 82. With a Steal at 60, you’ll be a sneaky thief too. And blocks? Man, you already know – get that Block to 92.


  • Rebounding: Absolute unit on the boards. Offensive Rebound at 93 for those putbacks and Defensive Rebound at 84 to clean up the glass.


  • Speed (66): For a big man, Shaq could move. This helps in transition and chasing down blocks.


  • Post Control (49): Big Diesel had moves in the post, no doubt. With a control at 49, you’ll have just enough finesse to get that baby hook off or muscle through for a close-range bucket. While he’s not Hakeem, Shaq had his moves.


  • Three-Point Shot: Ah, the legendary Shaq three… okay, maybe not. But hey, let’s leave this one blank. The Big Aristotle wasn’t really draining threes in his prime, and we all know it.


  • Perimeter Defense (37): While Shaq dominated the paint, he wasn’t exactly chasing guards around the perimeter. Still, a 37 ensures you’re not a total pushover out there. Enough to make them think twice.


  • Acceleration (51): This is how quickly Shaq could get moving. Imagine a big man like him ramping up to full speed. You might not think “quick” but for a guy his size? 51 is more than respectable.


  • Vertical (80): Those alley-oops didn’t dunk themselves. With a vertical of 80, you’re recreating those moments where Shaq soared above the rim. Just remember, it’s all about the power and elevation.


  • Stamina (92): One thing’s for sure, Shaq played big minutes and he always brought the energy. Whether he’s on the fast break, posting up, or running the floor, with a stamina of 92, you know he’s going the distance.


  • Strength (92): You think anyone’s backing down Shaq? Nah fam, get this up to channel his pure power.



Badges & Takeovers

Once you’ve built your Shaq-like monster, it’s time to strap some badges on him. Look into badges that emphasize inside scoring, post moves, and rim protection. As for takeovers, Rim Protector and Paint Beast should be your go-tos.



Gameplay Tips for the Shaquille O’Neal Build in NBA 2K24

Alright, now that you’ve built the ultimate Shaq on NBA 2K24, it’s time to use him right!!



Post Up & Drop Step

With your strength, nobody’s pushing you out of your spot. Get deep in the paint, call for the ball, and then hit ’em with that drop step move. If they try to double, dish it out to the open shooter with that high pass accuracy.



Run the Fast Break

Got a rebound? Push the pace! With your speed, you can beat most big men down the floor. Look to finish strong with a driving dunk or find a trailing shooter.



Master the Pick & Roll

Set those massive screens and then roll hard to the basket. With your driving dunk ability, the defense will have to choose between stopping you or the ball handler.



Defensive Dominance

Use that wingspan to contest shots and be a nightmare for guards driving into the paint. Remember, with the Rim Protector and Paint Beast takeovers, you’re blocking shots and securing rebounds like a madman.



Offensive Glass Cleaner

Crash those offensive boards! With a 93 in offensive rebounding, you’ll get tons of second-chance points. Put it back up with authority using that standing dunk rating.



Kick Out from the Post

When you get the ball in the post and feel that double team coming, use that high pass accuracy to find the open man -> you’re not just a scorer; you’re a playmaker from the post.



Don’t Fear Mid-Range

While your J might not be wet, don’t be afraid to take a step inside the arc if they give you too much space. They’ll have to respect the shot eventually.



Utilize Your Speed

On fast breaks, beat the opposition’s big men down the court. Even if you don’t get the ball immediately, establish post position early for easy scores.



Watch for Steals

With a steal rating of 60, you can pickpocket unsuspecting players. Especially on those weak entry passes into the post.



Flex That Muscle

With a strength of 92, don’t shy away from physical play. Back down your defender, push for better positioning, and show them who owns the paint.


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