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NBA 2K24: Best Derrick ROSE BUILD

Derrick ROSE in NBA 2K24

Derrick Rose, AKA “Pooh”, is an icon in the NBA, known for his electric speed, nasty crossovers, and high-flying acrobatics at the rim. Dude had a mix of agility, strength & finesse that made him a nightmare matchup during his MVP season with the Bulls… If you wanna recreate this beast mode version of D-Rose in NBA 2K24, keep your eyes glued right here.



Settin’ the Basics

  • Position: PG (Point Guard) – This ain’t no surprise. Man’s a born floor general.


  • Height: 6’3” – You want that balance of size to see the court and agility to slice and dice through defenses.


  • Weight: 181 lbs – Speed and strength, wrapped up in one package.


  • Wingspan: 6 foot 8



Attribute Breakdown

Close Shot: 52

Aight, listen, with a 52 in Close Shot, you ain’t really finna be a beast in the paint. Stick to drivin’ to the hoop where you can exploit that layup game. Don’t even think about that hook shot, my guy.



Driving Layup: 75

You’re decent here. You ain’t Kyrie with the jelly, but you can get the job done. Utilize that speed and acceleration to beat your defender and lay it up smooth.



Driving Dunk: 86

Yo, you can throw down! Use that 86 driving dunk to put the fear of God into whoever’s tryin’ to guard the rim. Catch some bodies, no cap.



Mid-Range Shot: 61

This ain’t your sweet spot, but it ain’t completely broke either. Don’t be the guy jacking up contested mid-rangers; wait for that wide-open look and then let it fly.



Three-Point Shot: 76

Not a sniper, but you can hit ’em. If they sag off you, make ’em pay. Use that 95 Ball Handle to create space and then splash.



Free Throw: 51

Bruh, hit the practice gym. A 51 free throw is just askin’ for bricked opportunities at the line.



Pass Accuracy: 77

You’re more than capable of droppin’ dimes and facilitating. No, you ain’t Stockton, but you can move the rock and find the open man with ease.



Ball Handle: 95

You’re an ankle bully, point blank. Use this to break defenders down and create your own shot or dish it out when the D collapses on you.



Perimeter Defense: 64

You ain’t lockin’ up anyone, but you’re not a total liability either. Just play smart, and don’t gamble too much.



Interior Defense: –

If you find yourself down in the paint trying to contest the big dogs, you’re in for a bad time. With no stat here, they’re basically gonna eat you alive. Best to close out on shooters and steer clear of the paint beasts.



Steal: 60

Alright, with a 60 in Steal, you’re not exactly the league’s premier pickpocket, but you ain’t slouching either. You’ve got enough skill to catch opponents slipping if they get too careless. Keep those hands active, anticipate those passes, and you might just snatch a few away…



Defensive Rebound: 30

Forget about it. Let your bigs handle this. You ain’t grabbin’ nothin’.



Offensive Rebound: –



Speed with Ball: 91

Man, with a 91 in “Speed with Ball”, you’re basically a blur on the court! Dashing through defenders and slicing up defenses, this stat lets you dominate in transition.






Speed: 86

You quick, but not a speed demon. Use it to your advantage in transition and when attacking the basket.



Standing Dunk & Post Control: –

Here’s the deal – ain’t no stats for these. This means you ain’t throwing it down in a standstill, so don’t even try. Also, keep yo’self out the post, it ain’t your spot. You ain’t Hakeem with the dream shake or Shaq with the backdown. Stick to the perimeter and use your other strengths.



Acceleration: 93

You hit top speed in a flash. Use this to blow by defenders and get to the hoop before they even know what hit ’em.



Strength: 55

You ain’t pushin’ people around, but you can hold your own. Just don’t try to back down a big; that’s not your game.



Vertical: 80

You got some hops. Not Vince Carter hops, but enough to get up there and make some plays.



Stamina: 99

Bro, you a machine! Run the floor all day, every day. Don’t worry about gettin’ tired, you built for this.




  • Playmaking Badges: “Quick First Step” and “Handles For Days” on HOF for sure. Throw in “Dimer” and “Floor General” to help the team out.


  • Finishing Badges: “Slithery Finisher”, “Contact Finisher”, and “Fancy Footwork” on HOF. Get that “Acrobat” badge too.


  • Shooting Badges: “Difficult Shots” and “Hot Zone Hunter” will help with those pull-ups.


  • Defensive Badges: “Clamps” and “Pick Dodger” to help you navigate those screens and lock up the opposition.



Gameplay Tips for the D-Rose Build


Pick and Roll Maestro: With that 95 ball handle and 93 acceleration, run the pick and roll to perfection. Use your speed to split defenders or turn the corner hard. If the help comes, dish it out, but if they sleep, take it to the rack!


Transition Beast: You ain’t got all day. With that 86 speed and 99 stamina, push the tempo. Catch defenses off-guard, and with that driving layup of 75, finish strong.


Three Point Threat: You got a respectable 76 from deep. If they sag, don’t hesitate. Splash it in their face. Remember, keep that shot selection smart.


Mid-Range Game: It ain’t your bread and butter, but pull up when you got space. With “Difficult Shots” and “Hot Zone Hunter” badges, you can hit ’em with that D-Rose signature fadeaway.


Break ‘Em Down: With that elite ball handle, you can dance on your defender all day. Keep ’em guessing, and when they’re off-balance, either pull up or drive by.




Stay on the Perimeter: You got a 64 on perimeter D. Challenge shooters and stay in front of your man. No freebies out here!


Fight through Screens: With that “Pick Dodger” badge, navigate through screens and stick to your man like glue. Ain’t nobody got time to get lost!


Anticipate Passes: Even though your steal’s decent at 60, with a lil’ anticipation, you can disrupt passing lanes and get some sneaky swipes.


Stay Outta the Paint: Interior D is a no-show. DON’T even try… Bigs will feast if you find yourself trying to contest down low. Leave the paint wars to the big fellas.



General Tips

Manage Stamina Wisely: Yeah, you got a 99 stamina, but that doesn’t mean going pedal to the metal every play. Push when it makes sense, but know when to chill and run the half-court game.


Utilize Badges: “Quick First Step” gonna get you past your defender in a snap. Combine that with “Slithery Finisher” and “Contact Finisher” for some fancy finishes at the rim.


Team Player: Use that “Dimer” and “Floor General” to boost your teammates. A happy team equals more wins.


Avoid Unnecessary Contact: With a strength of 55, you ain’t built to bang with the bigs. Use your finesse and agility. Don’t force contact unless you got a clear path for that and-1.


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