NBA 2K24: Best Trae YOUNG Build - MGW

NBA 2K24: Best Trae YOUNG Build

NBA 2K24: Best Trae YOUNG Build

Yo, what’s poppin’, squad? So y’all tryna rep like Trae Young on the court, huh? Aight, bet. For those who’ve been living under a rock, lemme put y’all on -> Trae Young – Ice Trae, the real deal – is that dude outta ATL droppin’ buckets, serving up saucy dimes, and just straight clownin’ defenders. Dude’s got the range of Steph with the flash of AI. And I know y’all wanna bring that same heat to the virtual hardwood. So look no further!! We’ve dissected his game, piece by piece, and came up with this killer build that’ll have you reppin’ like Trae in no time…




Point Guard (PG)

Yeah, we’re rocking with the point guard position for this build. Ain’t no other spot for a floor general like Trae. Running the PG is crucial if you wanna drop dimes, control the game, and hit those deep threes.




Height: 6’4″

Bruh, don’t even think about shrinking this down. 6’4″ is the magic number here. You’re tall enough to see over defenders and throw those pinpoint passes, but not too tall that you lose out on speed.



Weight: 185 lbs

We’re hitting that 185 lbs mark. Not too skinny, not too bulky – it’s just right -> this keeps you nimble on the court, lets you weave through defenders but also gives you a bit of strength to not get pushed around…



Wingspan: 6’6″

Gotta stretch them arms out, fam. 6’6″ is where it’s at. It’ll help you contest shots better, snag those loose balls, and of course, shoot over defenders when they slack off.




Close Shot: 51

Man, to be honest, we ain’t focusing too much on the close-up game. A 51 will do. We’re relying on those deep shots and flashy handles to get points on the board.



Driving Layup: 75

With this, you got enough sauce to finish at the rim. Ain’t nobody stopping you when you drive to the hoop.



Driving Dunk: –

Yo, we keeping it real – we ain’t slamming it down with this build. Trae is more about finesse, not flying.



Standing Dunk: –

Same thing here. Don’t expect to catch bodies under the rim, that ain’t our style.



Post Control: –

We ain’t playing that back-to-the-basket game, fam. Leave that to the bigs.



Mid-Range Shot: 79

You know we gotta have that mid-range jumper on deck. With a 79, you’re gonna be deadly from the elbow or when pulling up in transition.



Three-Point Shot: 94

Bruh, this is where the magic happens. A 94? That’s straight cash. You’ll be pulling from the logo, making it rain, and breaking ankles.



Free Throw: 70

Solid enough to knock them down in clutch situations. Just gotta get that release timing right.



Pass Accuracy: 76

You know Trae’s got those dimes! With a 76, you’re dropping dimes and setting up your squad all game.



Ball Handle: 95

This right here? Straight butter. With handles this tight, you’re gonna be cooking defenders and breaking ankles all day.



Speed With Ball: 91

Man, with the rock in your hands, you’re straight zooming. Defenders won’t even see you coming.



Interior Defense: 48

Aight, we ain’t no big man, but we ain’t a complete pushover either. Enough to get a hand up and contest those layups.



Perimeter Defense: 75

You’ll be holding it down on the outside. Staying in front of your man and not letting those shooters get open looks.



Steal: 58

With a 58, you’re quick enough to snag a few cookies here and there. Keep those hands active!



Block: –

Again, not our forte. We’re here to drop buckets, not swat shots.



Offensive Rebound: –

You ain’t in the paint banging for boards. Let the big fellas handle that.



Defensive Rebound: 32

You’ll grab a few here and there, especially those long ones off missed threes.



Speed: 90

Like I said earlier, speed is key. You’re gonna be lightning out there.



Acceleration: 85

Off the mark real quick. First step gonna have defenders tripping.



Strength: 51

Just enough to not get bullied but remember, we’re playing with finesse out here.



Vertical: 60

Enough hops to get those floaters over the bigs and contest on D.



Stamina: 99

Bruh, you’re gonna be running the floor all game and not breaking a sweat. With a 99 stamina, you’re basically the Energizer bunny out there.



Gameplay Tips

Alright, fam, now that you got the blueprint for that Trae Young Three-Point Shot Hunter, let me break down how you should be playing with this beast on the court:


Run the Show: Remember, you’re the floor general. Control the pace, set up your teammates, and be the leader out there. This ain’t just about dropping buckets; it’s about being the puppet master and pulling them strings.


Shoot your Shot: When you get a lil’ space from the arc, don’t hesitate, man. With that three-point shot, you’re gonna be lethal. But don’t be chucking wild shots either. Play smart.


Crafty Finishes: Even though we ain’t about that dunking life, use that layup game to your advantage. Mix in some euro steps, floaters, and reverse layups. Keep defenders guessing.


Break ‘Em Down: Use them killer handles! Iso up when you get a mismatch and serve up some ankle-breakers. And always look for the drive-and-kick when the help D crashes.


Play the Passing Lanes: Even though interior D ain’t the main dish, with your wingspan and quickness, you can play them lanes. Anticipate passes and get some easy steals.


Push the Pace: Use your speed, especially after a defensive board or steal. Run that fast break, and either pull up from deep or dish it to a running mate.


Use Screens Effectively: Get your big man to set a solid screen, and either pull up off the pick or hit the rolling big. Pick and roll or pick and pop – it’s all money.


Energy All Game: With that wild stamina, pressure your matchup on D and push the pace on O. Don’t let up, especially in the 4th.


Master the Release: That free throw and jump shot? You gotta get the release on point. Hit the practice court and get that muscle memory down.


Stay Alert on D: Even though you might not be swatting shots, use your agility and wingspan to stay in front of your man and contest every shot. Play them tight on the perimeter.


Dictate the Flow: Sometimes you gotta slow things down, fam. Recognize game situations, and if the squad needs a breather, walk it up and set up a play.


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