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NBA 2K24: Best Michael JORDAN Build

NBA 2K24: Best Michael JORDAN Build

Yo, what’s good, NBA 2K24 fans?? Y’all trying to take flight like His Airness, the GOAT, Michael Jordan? You’ve clicked on the right guide. We’re diving deep into the nitty-gritty to make sure you’re dunking, scoring and maybe even sticking out that tongue like MJ.



Setting the Foundation

First things first, we gotta set some ground rules. We ain’t going for rookie MJ, and we’re definitely not going for Wizards MJ. Nah, we’re talking about PRIME MJ. We’re aiming for that 1993-1997 time frame. You know, that 72-10 season vibe, the era of ultimate greatness.



Position and Physicals

  • Position: Shooting Guard. Don’t even think about making MJ a point guard or anything else.


  • Height: 6’6″


  • Wingspan: Go with a 6’11” wingspan to make sure you’re snagging those boards and swatting shots like the real MJ.


  • Weight: Settle around 215 lbs. You wanna be solid, but not too heavy. That’ll give you that 80 strength.



Attributes Breakdown

Now let’s get into the meat and potatoes: attributes. Y’all know MJ could basically do everything, so balancing these stats is the real challenge. Here’s what you want to focus on:




  • Close Shot: Set this bad boy at 71. Good enough for close finishes but not too high that it takes away from other important stats.


  • Driving Layup: Crank this up to 80. You need that layup game on point.


  • Driving Dunk: We’re talking 93, fam. Get those gold posterizer badges and start slamming on folks.


  • Post Control: A solid 75 will get you some post-up moves without sacrificing too much elsewhere.


  • Mid-Range Shot: Y’all better max this out at 92. MJ’s mid-range game was lethal. This will also unlock the “Mid-Range Deadeye” badge.


  • Three-Point Shot: Keep it at 76. MJ wasn’t Steph Curry, but he could hit a three when he needed to.


  • Free Throw: 67 should be enough. Remember, we’re focusing on that Park gameplay.



Ball Handling and Passing

  • Ball Handle: A slick 75 should suffice. MJ wasn’t breaking ankles like Iverson, but he was no slouch.


  • Speed With Ball: Get this to 80. You need to be quick but still in control.


  • Pass Accuracy: Keep it low at 48. MJ is not your primary playmaker; he’s the one finishing the plays.




  • Interior Defense: A low 31 will do. You’re not going to be guarding the paint with this build.


  • Perimeter Defense: Boost this up to 85. You wanna be a lockdown defender just like MJ.


  • Steal: Go with 72 here. Enough to swipe the ball but not a master thief.


  • Block: Put this at 50. You’re not a shot-blocker, but you’re not a pushover either.




  • Defensive Rebound: 40 should be enough for snagging some boards here and there.


  • Offesince Rebound:




  • Speed: 78 should suffice.


  • Acceleration: Max it out at 84.


  • Strength: Go for 65, so you’re not easily pushed around.


  • Vertical: Set this to 85 so you can get some air.


  • Stamina: Cap this at 95 because MJ never gets tired.



The Final Product

After all these tweaks, the build should come out as an “Inside the Arc Scorer,” which is pretty dope for an MJ build. You’ll be solid on defense, unstoppable in mid-range, and a beast at driving to the hoop.



Badges and Gameplay

Once you hit the courts, focus on badges like Posterizer, Mid-Range Deadeye, and maybe some Clamps for defense. This build shines best in Park games, where you can really mimic MJ’s playstyle from both ends of the court. So get out there and start breaking ankles and dropping buckets!



Gameplay Tips for MJ Build

Master the Mid-Range Game

Fadeaways: One of MJ’s signature moves. Use the right stick to pull off fadeaways, especially when you have defenders draped all over you. This build’s high mid-range rating means that you should be hitting fadeaways consistently, especially when you’ve got that Mid-Range Deadeye badge activated.


Off the Dribble: Use dribble moves to create separation then pull up for a mid-range jumper… Your defender expecting a drive? Psych ’em out and drain a quick jumper instead.



Drive with Purpose

Triple Threat: Start from a triple threat position, fake a shot or jab step, and then explode to the rim. This’ll get your defender off-balance, making it easier to drive past them.


Use Screens: Use pick and rolls or pick and pops effectively. When your teammate sets a screen, drive hard. If the defender goes under the screen, pull up for a jumper. If they fight over it, take ’em to the rack.


Hop Step: When driving to the hoop, use the hop step to avoid defenders and finish strong. This move can be your bread and butter, especially when the paint is crowded.



Lockdown Defense

Stay in Front: Use the left stick to keep yourself between the ball handler and the basket. With this build’s high perimeter defense, you should be able to stick with most guards and forwards.


Go for Steals: But don’t spam! Time it right when you see the ball handler exposed or when they’re careless with their dribbling. Overreaching will get you in foul trouble or make you look silly as they blow by…


Help Defense: If you see a teammate getting beaten off the dribble, step up and provide some help. But remember to recover quickly to your man, especially if they’re a shooter.



Utilize Post Moves

Back Down: Being 6’6″ and 215 lbs with decent strength means you can back down smaller guards… Use spins or quick turnarounds for easy buckets.


Drop Step: If you have a defender on your hip in the post use the drop step to get closer to the basket for an easy layup or dunk…



Transition Play

Fast Breaks: MJ was deadly on the fast break. When you get a rebound or a steal push the ball up the floor quickly… Use Euro steps or spin moves to finish if you meet resistance.


Cut Offensively: If you’re not the ball handler, make smart cuts to the basket when you see an opening. This will often give you easy scoring opportunities.


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