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NBA 2K24: Best Joel EMBIID Build

NBA 2K24: Best Joel EMBIID Build

Yo, what’s popping, ballers? Ready to dominate the courts in NBA 2K24? If you’re vibing with Joel Embiid and his monstrous presence in the paint, I’ve got you covered with the best Embiid-style build to have you breaking ankles and catching bodies on the court.



The Blueprint

Let’s keep it a buck; Embiid is a beast with a unique skill set. He ain’t just dominating down low – dude can shoot, dribble, and defend. So, if you’re gonna replicate that magic, your build gotta do a little bit of everything.



Position and Physicals

Position: We’re looking at the Center spot for this one. This is where the big bodies collide, and you gotta be ready to bang down low, grab those boards, and protect the rim! This is the spot for those who wanna dominate the paint and control the game from the inside out.


Weight: We’re rockin’ 231 lbs. That’s a solid build right there. Got enough muscle to hold his own in the paint but still got that agility to move around the court smooth. Gonna be setting those heavy screens and making room for the shooters.


Height: This giant is 7 feet 1 inch tall. Towering over the competition and grabbing boards left and right. This height is gonna give you that edge when you’re trying to get those high passes and swatting shots away. Opponents gonna need a ladder to compete with this build!


Wingspan: Stretching out to 7 feet 6 inches! Those arms are long, man! Reaching over everybody to grab those rebounds and being a menace on defense. With arms like that, you’re gonna be altering shots and making the opponents second guess every time they try to shoot around you.



Attributes Breakdown

Finishing at the Rim

Close Shot: 77 – This is crucial, gotta be nailing those buckets up close. This means you can cash in when you’re posted up in the paint, a real essential for a big man.


Driving Layup: 76 – You want some flexibility, a bit of grace with those layups. This attribute means you’re no slouch when you decide to drive to the hoop.


Driving Dunk & Standing Dunk: 80 & 75 – Man’s gotta have the ability to throw down when needed! Whether it’s cutting through the lane or straight-up bodying fools under the rim, these numbers are all about power and authority.


Post Control: 85 – Absolute necessity. To truly embody Embiid, gotta have that finesse and strength in the post. Get ready to be schooling cats with a variety of moves down low.



The Shooter’s Touch

Mid-Range & Three-Point Shot: 86 & 80 – Man, with this, you’re a threat from deep and the mid; being a center who can stretch the floor is a game-changer… Keep them guessing whether you’re going to pound it inside or make it rain.


Free Throw: 63 – It ain’t the prettiest, but it can get the job done. Gotta hit enough of those to keep the opponents honest.



Playmaking Ability

Pass Accuracy: 75 & Ball Handle: 63 – We talking about having the ability to dish out some smooth passes and having enough handle to keep control of the rock. Ain’t nobody saying you gonna be the point guard, but you ain’t gonna be a liability either.


Speed with Ball: 56 – It’s solid for a big fella, giving you enough pace to make some moves when you’re on the break or trying to create something.



Defensive Prowess

Interior & Perimeter Defense: 77 & 66 – This right here means you’re a wall. You’ll be patrolling the paint and even have enough agility to step out and challenge some jumpers.


Steal: 60 & Block: 92 – With these digits, you’re a real defensive nightmare. Hands quick enough for some sneaky steals and that block rating? Sky-high, man! Get ready to be swatting everything in sight.


Defensive & Offensive Rebound: 92 & 62 – This is all about dominating the boards, securing those extra possessions, and being a menace on the defensive glass.



Physical Stats

Speed: 64 & Acceleration: 57 – These are key. For a big man, having that blend of speed and first-step quickness can really set you apart.


Strength: 84 – And of course, gotta have that brute strength. This level of muscle means you’re moving bodies in the paint and holding your ground against other bigs.



Gameplay Tips to Ball Out Embiid-Style

Dominating the Paint

  • Master Your Post Moves: With that strong Post Control, the paint is your kingdom. Work on your shimmy fades, drop steps, and up-and-under moves. Be unpredictable, keep your defenders on their toes.


  • Throw It Down: Don’t forget about those driving and standing dunks. When you see an opening, go hard to the rim. If you’re under the basket with a lil’ space, put someone on a poster!



The Shooter’s Touch

  • Keep Them Guessing: With the ability to hit from mid-range and beyond the arc, pull those opposing big men out of the paint. If they don’t respect your shot, make ’em pay.


  • Clutch Free Throws: Even if your free throw game ain’t the flashiest, it’s essential. Work on your timing and you can hit those critical late-game shots…



Playmaking Ability

  • Big Man Dimes: Don’t sleep on your passing skills. Look for cutting teammates, and if the double-team comes in the post, kick it out to the open man.



Defensive Prowess

  • Patrol the Paint: With your interior defense skills, be the last line of defense. Challenge shots and protect the rim at all costs.


  • Swat City: That block skill? Use it. Time your jumps, and turn away any weak stuff that comes inside.


  • Boards on Boards: Always be ready to crash the glass, especially on the defensive end -> lock down those rebounds and give your team more chances to score…



Physical Stats

  • Big Man on the Move: Utilize your speed and acceleration to get up and down the court. Beat other bigs in transition, and finish strong.


  • Muscle Up: With your strength, back down opponents and establish prime real estate in the paint. Don’t let anyone push you around…


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