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NBA 2K24: Best Kawhi LEONARD Build


Yo, what’s poppin’ gamers? If you’re lookin’ to dominate the court in NBA 2K24 and make opponents wish they never stepped on the hardwood, you’ve gotta check out this Kawhi Leonard build. This guide is gonna be lit—by the time you’re done, you’ll have all the info you need to break ankles and drop buckets like The Klaw himself.



The Foundation

Position & Physicals

Position: Small Forward – You wanna make an impact on both ends, right??


Height: 6’8″ – Kawhi ain’t no shrimp; you need that height for defense and those posterizing dunks.


Weight: 220 lbs – Solid enough to hold your ground but not too heavy to mess with your speed.


Wingspan: 7’6″ – Man, you’re gonna swat shots and snatch steals like it’s nobody’s business.



The Stats

Close Shot: 60 – We ain’t goin’ all out here, but 60 is decent enough to make those bunnies when you’re in tight.


Driving Layup: 80 – When you’re blowin’ by your man and heading to the rack, this got you covered. Finish smooth, every time.


Driving Dunk: 87 – Look, when you see an open lane, take flight. With 87, you’re posterizing cats left and right.


Standing Dunk: 34 – We ain’t here for the stand-stills. You’re more of a running man, but this’ll do in a pinch.


Post Control: 0 – We’re leavin’ this one out the mix. Kawhi’s game ain’t really about that post cheese. He’s more about face up and attack.


Mid-Range Shot: 85 – Money territory right here! Pull up in that mid and it’s cash all day…


Three-Point Shot: 78 – Respectable. Not Steph Curry, but defenders can’t sleep on you out there. Splash enough to keep ’em honest.


Free Throw: 63 – Could be better, but you’re not brickin’ ’em all. Get that muscle memory down and it’s all net.


Pass Accuracy: 70 – You ain’t no LeBron with the dimes, but you can kick out to open shooters when the D collapses on you.


Ball Handle: 84 – With these handles? You’re shakin’ and bakin’ defenders, breaking ankles and creating that space for your shot.


Speed With Ball: 76 – Push the pace, get up the court and create chaos. You’re a menace in transition.


Interior Defense: 66 – Good enough to hold down the paint against those wanna-be slashers. They ain’t getting easy ones on your watch.


Perimeter Defense: 85 – Lockdown territory. Wannabe ballers won’t get an inch of space on the outside.


Steal: 96 – Quick hands, fam! You’re snatchin’ balls like they owe you money.


Block: 26 – Not elite, but you got enough to get a hand up and contest some shots.


Defensive Rebound: 60 – Secure the bag! Crash those boards and start the break.


Offensive Rebound: 0


Speed: 80 – Zippin’ around the court like it’s nothin’. Good luck keeping up.


Acceleration: 74 – Zero to sixty, real quick. Switch gears on ’em and catch ’em off guard.


Strength: 60 – You ain’t the Hulk, but you got enough muscle to hold your ground.


Vertical: 79 – Get up! Skies the limit, whether you’re going for boards or throwin’ down.


Stamina: 96 – Endless energy. You’re going hard from tip-off to that final buzzer.




Gold Glove


Hall of Fame Interceptor


Hall of Fame Right Stick Ripper


These badges are the bread and butter of this build. You’re gonna be a nightmare on defense, stealing everything that ain’t nailed down.



Gameplay Tips: Ball Out with the Kawhi Build

Aight, y’all, let’s cut to the chase. You got that build locked in, now let’s get into the sauce, the gameplay mechanics, and how you gonna have everyone shook on that digital hardwood.


Mid-Range Assassin – Remember that 85 on the mid-range -> That’s your bread and butter… Work on those pull-up jumpers. Get a screen, do a lil’ dribble move, then pop it right in their face. Can’t guard that!


Fast Break Phenom – With your speed and acceleration, you gotta push that rock. Off a board or a steal, you’re in transition. Look for open lanes and finish strong. Dunk, layup, or kick out, it’s all money.


Lockdown D: With that crazy wingspan and perimeter defense stats, press up on ’em. Be aggressive. Use that Hall of Fame Interceptor badge to jump those passing lanes. You’re a pickpocket on the court!


Watch for the Double Team: You gonna be a threat, period. So when the D starts swarming, use that 70 pass accuracy to find the open man. Easy assists all day.


Crash Them Boards – Defensive Rebound at 60 means you’re in there mixing it up. Don’t be lazy, get in there, grab boards and initiate the offense.


Handles For Days: Ball handling is lit at 84. Size up your defender, get them leaning one way, and then blow by. If they sag off, hit ’em with that mid-range.


Play to your Strengths: Don’t get caught up in trying to be a post god or a deep three sniper. Stick to that mid-range, drive the ball, and play tough D. That’s the Kawhi way.


Free Throws: At 63, you gotta practice those. When you get to the line, focus up. Nail those freebies, they add up.


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