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NBA 2K24: How to Do a Post Shimmy FADE and HOOK

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What’s good, hoop heads? We’re about to go deep into NBA 2K24’s post game sauce, breaking down two moves that’ll have you flexin’ on defenders like a pro. We’re talking about the Post Shimmy Fade and the Post Shimmy Hook – these bad boys are straight fire when you get them down.



Breaking Down the Moves

Post Shimmy Fade: Think of the Post Shimmy Fade like the ultimate finesse move. You’re selling your defender on a fake before hitting them with that sweet fadeaway jumper. The shimmy is where the magic happens – a quick shoulder shake that throws the defender off balance, giving you the daylight you need for that shot. The goal here? Drop buckets and break ankles!


Post Shimmy Hook: Now, the Post Shimmy Hook is where you show some muscle. Instead of fading back, you’re taking it to the rim, finishing with a strong hook. The shimmy still sets the stage, but once you’ve got the defender off balance, it’s all about that power move to the basket. This is your big boy move in the paint.



Running the Post Shimmy Fade

To get the Post Shimmy Fade going, first you gotta post up. On the Xbox, hold LT; PlayStation folks, it’s L2. Get your back into the defender and back them down to your spot. Next, hold the left stick away from the rim and double tap X (or Square on PlayStation), and on the second tap, hold it down. Watch your player hit that sweet fadeaway.



Throwing the Post Shimmy Hook

Setting up the Post Shimmy Hook starts just like the fade. Post up by holding LT (Xbox) or L2 (PlayStation). Back your defender down, but this time you’re going strong to the hoop. Hold the left stick towards the hoop, give X (or square on PlayStation) a double tap, and keep it held on the second tap. Your player will power through with a tough hook shot.



Pros and Cons

The real charm of these moves lies in how they can shake things up. If defenders are used to you going straight for the shot, adding a shimmy is gonna leave them shook. But let’s break it down a bit more:




Mixing It Up: These moves will keep defenders on their toes and guessing your next move.


Space Creator: The shimmy can open up just the space you need to get your shot off.


Flashy As Heck: Let’s keep it real, nailing a Post Shimmy Fade is about as satisfying as it gets in NBA 2K24.




Tricky Business: These aren’t newbie moves. You’ll need to put in the time to get them down, and even more to effectively use them in a game.


Turnover Trouble: If you don’t get enough space with your shimmy, you could get blocked or even stripped.


Player Dependent: Not every player is going to be great at these moves. You gotta use a player who’s got a solid post game.


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