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NBA 2K24: The Strength Attribute – What It Does and How to Improve It

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What’s the Strength Attribute?

The strength attribute shows the raw power and muscle your MyPLAYER packs. It’s a game-changer in how your baller goes head-to-head with other players, especially in situations where things get physical.



What’s the Strength Attribute good for?

  • Body Contact: Your strength determines how well your MyPLAYER can roll with the punches. When the game’s on, this means your player can keep their balance and stay in control when things get rough and they bump into other players.


  • Post Play: Down in the post, strength is key when you’re backing down opponents or trying to hold your ground against a player who’s doing the same to you. A tough player can easily shove an opponent back, creating space for hook shots, layups, or other shots close to the hoop.


  • Rebounding: When the ball’s bouncing off the rim, having extra strength helps your player box out other players and snatch the rebound.


  • Stamina: Strength ain’t just about muscle – it also impacts stamina. Strong players can keep the heat up longer before they start getting winded.



How to Beef Up the Strength Attribute?

Alright, we’ve chewed the fat on why strength matters, now let’s dive into how to bulk up your MyPLAYER.


  • Attribute Upgrades: The easiest way to boost strength is through attribute upgrades. You can buy these with Virtual Currency (VC), which you can earn by playing games or fork over some real-world cash for. To pump up your strength attribute, hit up the ‘Progression’ tab in the MyCAREER menu, find the ‘Physicals’ section, and crank up ‘Strength’. Keep in mind, your attribute’s max potential is based on your MyPLAYER’s initial build.


  • Strength Training: In the Gatorade Training Facility in the Neighborhood, you can do workouts that give your strength a temporary boost. Look for exercises like the squat rack, leg press, or box jumps. To keep the gains coming, you gotta keep these workouts on your regular to-do list because the boost will wear off after a few games.


  • Progression and Caps: As your player climbs the ranks, some skills will naturally get better over time. Depending on how you play, you might unlock cap breakers, which let you boost your attributes beyond their initial limits.


  • Eating Right: NBA 2K24 simulates the benefits of eating right, too. At the ‘Fuel Station’, you can buy food and drinks that give your player a temporary boost in various attributes, including strength. These boosts are short-lived though, so you gotta be strategic about when you use them.



Bonus Tips

  • When you’re creating your MyPLAYER, if you’re planning to play a power-centric game, it’s a smart move to set a higher potential cap for the Strength attribute.


  • Don’t forget that while strength is major, it ain’t everything in NBA 2K24. You should find a balance with other attributes that fit your play style and position. For example, guards might wanna focus more on speed and shooting, while centers and power forwards might wanna crank up their strength and rebounding.


So, that’s the scoop on the strength attribute in NBA 2K24. It plays a big role, especially for players who like to get physical. It affects body contact, post play, and rebounding. Boosting it is all about direct upgrades using VC, hitting the gym regularly, and keeping your in-game diet on point.


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