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NBA 2K24 – How to Alley Oop

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Alright, b-ball fanatics, time to drop some knowledge on executing a masterful alley-oop in NBA 2K24. This sky-high stunt’s sure to bring the house down if done right, but let me tell ya, it ain’t a simple layup. Buckle up and brace yourself, ’cause we’re about to dive deep into this hoop breakdown.



Step Zero: Settin’ the Scene

Before you can go dunk wild, you gotta set the stage, get the ball rollin’. To call for a screen, press and hold L1 if you’re rockin’ a PlayStation, or LB if you’re on Team Xbox.



Slingin’ the Rock

Got your screen locked and loaded? Good. Now let’s get that rock airborne. Watch for your boys on the floor – if one of them’s flagging you down with a raised arm, it’s showtime.


Now, unleash the beast. Hit that Triangle button twice (Y if you’re Xbox gang) and light the alley-oop fuse.


Now listen up, all you next-gen hotshots, there’s a bonus step for you. While you’re double-tappin’, hold down the square button (or X if you’re Xbox).



Showstopper: The Slam

This is where the wheat gets separated from the chaff. Dunking ain’t about button mashing – it’s finesse. Tap the square button on PlayStation or X on Xbox, timing it with the white mark on your dunk meter. Precision is king here, guys.



The Alley-Oop Equation

Pulling off a killer alley-oop ain’t about one-size-fits-all moves. You gotta look at the lay of the land, your angle to your rock-slingin’ buddy, and the skills you both bring to the table.



Center Stage: Self Alley-Oop

Ready to hog the spotlight? Here’s how you pull off a self alley-oop. First thing’s first – you need a clear path, no room for congestion here.


Next, double-tap that Triangle button (or Y for Xbox peeps) and angle the left stick towards the hoop. Might take a few tries to get it right – no stress, just persistence.



Spicing Things Up: Bounce Pass Alley-Oop

To keep your game fresh, let’s mix in a bounce pass alley-oop. Xbox players, you’ll want to hit A + B and guide the left stick towards your target. On PlayStation, it’s X + O and the same left stick move.



Catchin’ the Oop

Fancy being on the other side of the oop equation? If you’re on Xbox, hit Y twice while making a beeline for the hoop. On PlayStation, it’s two quick taps of Triangle.



The Alley-Oop Cheat Sheet

Let’s wrap this up with some essential alley-oop advice:


  • Equip the Aerial Wizard Badge for an extra boost.


  • Fast breaks are golden opportunities – seize them.


  • Make full use of pick and roll tactics.


  • Keep an eye out for baseline backdoor cuts.


  • Boost your lob success rate with the Special Delivery Badge.


  • Up your Driving Dunk attribute in MyPLAYER or roll with high dunk-rated NBA stars.


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