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NBA 2K24: How to Unlock LETHAL HOT ZONES for Better Shooting

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What’s good, hoop heads? If you’ve been grinding on NBA 2K24 like a baller but still can’t get those buckets like Steph Curry or KD, then buckle up. I’m about to drop some knowledge that’ll take your shooting game from “eh” to straight-up elite.



What’s the Buzz About?

First off, let me put you on game about what this LETHAL HOT ZONE is all about. In NBA 2K24, the devs finally decided to add another layer to your hot zones, known as the “Lethal Hot Zone.” This thing is hotter than your ex’s new boo, and it’s colored purple on the court. So you’re not just dealing with the regular hot or neutral zones anymore—this one’s gonna turn you into a menace on the court…



Who’s Got Your Back?

Now you ain’t alone in this journey. Some big names like Candace Parker, Buddy Hill and Bobby Portis are in-game to guide you. You can get one free training session per week, which is a dope gift, if you ask me.




Navigate to the Art of Shooting Facility

First things first you gotta bounce over to the Art of Shooting Facility. If you’re new to the game and just got outta that tutorial, look for that ‘Mamba Mentality Quest.’ Hit that up and it’ll guide you straight to where the action is…



Choose Your Poison—Strong or Weak Spots?

Once you’re in, you gotta decide if you’re working on your strong spots or your weak ones. My advice? Do both.. Yeah I know it sounds like extra work but trust me, it pays off…



The Art of Shooting Drills

Now, we get to the meat of it—The Art of Shooting Drills. The goal here is simple: shoot where you’re good at to unlock these zones. But it ain’t that easy. You gotta be on point, hit your shots and show some skill.




  • Choose Your Best Spots: Focus on the areas where your player has the highest stats. Got a killer three-point rating? Then light it up from downtown.


  • Efficiency Is Key: You need to be shooting efficiently to get three stars. Don’t just chuck up shots; make ’em count.


  • Lethal Level: If you really ball out in these drills, you can unlock the lethal zone. But, that’s like the platinum tier, so don’t slack off.



Weekly Grind

The catch?? You can only do these drills once a week. Yeah, I know kinda stingy… -> but that just means you gotta make the most of it; hit those hot spots & aim for the lethal zones.



Extra Sauce: The Benefits

Unlocking these lethal zones is a game-changer, especially if you’re in the elite affiliation. You get shooting and defensive boosts, which means you’re basically turning into a 2K demigod. Add that to your lethal zones, and bro, you’re unstoppable.



Don’t Sleep on Badges

The badge system in NBA 2K24 is a bit different, so combining your lethal zones with your shooting boosts makes getting those badges a whole lot easier.



Wrapping It Up: Keep Grindin’

I know it’s a grind, but if you wanna make it rain on the court, you gotta put in that work. You can’t just hoop; you gotta ball. So get out there, get into that Art of Shooting Facility, and start lighting up those lethal zones.


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