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NBA 2K24: How to Win the Dunk Contest

NBA 2K24 Power Shoes

Yo, what’s good ballers? It’s time to take your MyPlayer to new heights (literally) by slammin’ it down in the NBA 2K24 Dunk Contest. So if you’ve been struggling to get that sweet W, or if you’re just looking to upgrade your skills, I got you.



The Fundamentals: Understanding the Basics

Dunk Ratings and Player Build

First things first—your MyPlayer’s dunk rating matters. If you’re working with a player who can’t even touch the rim you might as well bounce… You want that rating at least above 85 to have a real shot. Don’t forget about vertical too; higher is better.



Dunk Packages

Before you hit the court, slide into the animation store and cop some sick dunk packages for your player. More choices you got the crazier moves you can pull off…




You need to be tight with your controls. On PlayStation, it’s all about that triangle button for lobs and R2 for that much-needed speed boost. Xbox players, that’s Y and RT for you.



The Strategy: How to Win

Dunk 1: The Icebreaker

Start strong but don’t go too crazy. A solid windmill or even a basic 360 can set the tone. Make sure it’s a dunk you’re comfortable with to get those first-round jitters out of the way. Aim to score in the mid-40s; you don’t wanna peak too early.



How to Execute:

Stand behind the 3-point line.


Press the triangle (or Y) to throw a lob toward the basket.


Sprint towards the ball by holding down R2 (or RT).


Use the right analog stick to perform the dunk, making sure to time it just right.



Dunk 2: The Showstopper

This is when you whip out your ace in the hole—a slam dunk that’s not just sick but also has some serious flair. We’re talking under-the-leg or behind-the-back kinda stuff. This is the dunk that gets the crowd hype & sets you apart from all the other ballers.



How to Execute:

Start by lobbing the ball just like before.


When you get near the hoop, pull off your dunk by following the specific command for your chosen dunk package.



Dunk 3: The Mic Drop

If you’ve been killin’ it, this is where you finish strong and drop the mic. Don’t get too cocky though; make sure it’s a dunk you can land. If you’ve got a signature dunk or a fan favorite, now’s the time.



How to Execute:

This one’s freestyle—take everything you’ve learned and throw it down with style.



Pro Tips

  • Keep your eyes on that timing bar when you’re going for the dunk. Don’t jam the stick in – just give it a smooth turn.


  • Try starting your lobs from way back, past the three-point line. Adds a lil’ extra sauce and racks up those distance points…


  • The Power of Shoes… Word is, kicks matter. Think MJ and his iconic free-throw line dunk rocking those Jordans. Consider equipping some flashy, high-tier sneakers to give your player that extra swag and boost.


  • Watch your competition, but don’t sleep on ’em. If you skip watching their dunks, the game might just give them a higher score. Stay on top, stay vigilant…


  • If your first dunk ain’t hitting, just shut that game down and start the contest over. We’re going for straight fire, every time.


  • The more you know a dunk package, the tighter it’ll be. Hit up the team practice spot to get your timing and style on point.


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