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NBA 2K24 – How to Block

NBA 2K24 - How to Block

Basic Blocks – Starting Off Simple

Alright, ballers, if you want to make your presence known on the hardwood in NBA 2K24, you gotta get your block game on point. No fluff here, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty, different block types, and making sure that no shot gets by you. Let’s break it down!



Press that Triangle/Y – The Fundamentals

  • When to Use: Right near the shooter, when you see that shot coming your way.


  • How to Do It: It’s as easy as hitting that triangle/Y button. But don’t think it’s just about pressing buttons; timing is everything.


  • Pro Tip: It ain’t just about blocking; it’s about shaking them up. Mix in some anticipation and make ’em think twice about taking that shot.



Contesting Shots – Play it Cool

  • When to Use: Can’t quite block? You still want to put some pressure.


  • How to Do It: Get in close and let ’em feel you. You’re there, and they know it.


  • Pro Tip: It’s not just about getting air. Position yourself right, play it smart, and that shooter might just choke.



Intermediate Blocks – Spicing Things Up

Ready to bring a bit more flair? Check these out:



Swat Block – Show ‘Em Who’s Boss

  • When to Use: Time to leave a mark? Send a message with this block.


  • How to Do It: Hold down R2/RT, tap that triangle/Y, and take a big ol’ swipe at that ball.


  • Pro Tip: Go big or go home. If you can, make that ball fly into the stands!



Lucky Block – It’s All in the Timing

  • When to Use: Right place, right time.


  • How to Do It: Be there, press triangle, and sometimes you’ll get that block.


  • Pro Tip: Sometimes it’s about being at the right spot. Positioning is key. Luck favors the prepared.



Advanced Blocks – Time to Get Serious

Feeling confident? Let’s get to the next level:



Aggressive Block – No Holding Back

  • When to Use: A standard block won’t cut it? Time to get aggressive.


  • How to Do It: Hold R2/RT, then hit and hold triangle/Y. Swipe and release when you think you’ll make the swat.


  • Pro Tip: This ain’t for the faint-hearted. Read the play and get that block.



Standard Block with Rebound Control – Play It Smart

  • When to Use: Want to keep that ball in play?


  • How to Do It: Just tap triangle, but keep it controlled. Redirect, don’t just swat.


  • Pro Tip: Think like a chess master. Control the ball, don’t just knock it away.


It’s grind time, fam. Learn the rhythm, feel the floor, and know your moves. Watch the rock, read the flow, and become one with the game…


You can’t just rely on quick reflexes; it’s about that sixth sense. This ain’t something you can just pick up overnight. Put in the hours, take the Ls, and with each game, you’ll level up that intuition.


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