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NBA 2K24: How to Perform an Explosive Behind The Back Dribble


So, before we lace up and hit the court, let’s get one thing straight: what exactly is the Explosive Behind the Back? Think about it like this: You’re storming down the court, got your defender on skates, and BAM! You rip the ball behind your back, leaving your defender looking like a lost puppy. It’s not just a flashy move, it’s a potent offensive weapon that’s gonna have your opponents biting dust.



Prepping for Greatness: Animation Choices

Okay, now before you can start raining threes and dropping dimes, you gotta get your animations right. For the Explosive Behind The Back, you’re gonna want to equip Kyrie Irving’s Size of Escape and Damian Lillard’s Moving Behind the Back animations. These boys got handles for days and their moves will add that extra spice to your game.



The Lowdown

Now we’ve got the basics covered, let’s hit the hardwood. Here’s how you get your swerve on with the Explosive Behind The Back:


Step 1: Keep that L stick on lock, steerin’ your player’s movement on the court.


Step 2: Flick the R stick down and diagonal, left or right, dependin’ on which hand’s rockin’ the rock. Got it in your right? Flick it to the left, and vice versa.


Step 3: No time for chillin’ here. Flick that stick quick and easy. It’s the speed that brings the ‘explosive’ to the party.


Step 4: Keep that R2 (or RT for you Xbox ballers) held down. This is your sprint button, and it’s what’s gonna make this move pop.


Step 5: Once you’ve got the basics of the move down, you can start adding a lil’ extra sauce to it. After pulling off the explosive behind the back, hold down that R2 button and either sprint or just casually walk back. This helps you mix it up a little bit and keeps your defender guessing.


Remember though, don’t get too trigger happy with the R2 button. It’ll burn through your stamina faster than a cheetah on a treadmill. Pace yourself, mix up your moves and keep ’em guessing. You ain’t gotta run around like a headless chicken the whole game.


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