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NBA 2K24: How to Give-and-Go

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Howdy, hoopsters! Time to lace up and hit the virtual court. We’re diving deep into a classic basketball technique that’s gonna level up your game in NBA 2K24 – the iconic give-and-go. Old school? Maybe. Effective? You bet your Jordans!



Breaking Down the Give-and-Go

Before we hit the game console, let’s decode this on-court maneuver. The give-and-go, or the pass and cut as it’s also known, is a staple move in the basketball playbook.


Here’s the play-by-play: You’re the ball handler and you’ve got a defender trying to crowd your style. You dish the rock to a teammate, drawing the defender’s eyes away from you. Seizing the moment, you cut a swift beeline for the basket. Your teammate throws back the rock and, bam – you’re in prime position for an easy score.


This, ballers, is the art of the give-and-go. A two-player dance that, when executed flawlessly, can make your offense truly unstoppable.



Pulling off the Give-and-Go in NBA 2K24

Aight, now we’re up to speed on the basics, let’s get to the nitty-gritty – how to run this move in NBA 2K24.


If you’re holding it down on an Xbox One Series X|S, press and hold the A button to pass the rock to one of your squad. Keep holding A and use the Left Stick to cut to the basket. When you’re in the clear, let go of A to catch the return pass in full stride, leaving you in the paint ready to score.


For the PS4 and PS5 players, you’re going through the same motions but using the X button instead of A.



Sprucing up the Give-and-Go

What’s dope about the give-and-go is its versatility. When you catch that return pass, you’ve got options. Close to the hoop? Throw down a dunk. Feel like showing off? Toss up an alley-oop. Got a decent shot? Pull up for a jumper. If the D is closing in fast, dish it off to another homie with a bounce pass.


This is where the rookies are separated from the vets. Running a give-and-go ain’t just about the pass and the cut. It’s about thinking on your feet. If they see it coming, hit ’em with a fake pass to leave them scrambling while you knock down an easy shot.


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