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NBA 2K24: Best Playmaking Badges for Every Position

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Yo, ballers! If you’re looking to sauce up your opponents, break ankles, and straight-up dominate in NBA 2K24, then you’ve clicked on the right guide. We’re going to deep dive into the playmaking badges that’ll have your MyPlayer dishing out dimes and showing off those sick handles.



Why Playmaking Badges are a Big Deal

Before we start, let’s keep it a buck. Playmaking in NBA 2K24, just like in real-life NBA, is the sauce that spices up the game. Everyone loves the flash of a dunk or a deep three, but true ballers know it’s the playmaking that sets up those big moments. Without playmaking, you’re just running basic PnR or isolation plays, which ain’t gonna cut it.



Point Guard (PG)

  • Ankle Breaker: If you’re trying to leave defenders on skates and have the crowd go wild, you gotta cop this badge. Every elite PG knows that to control the floor, you gotta break some ankles.


  • Dimer: You’re the main disher. Hook your squad up with this and watch your assists rack up. A higher shooting percentage for your teammates? Say less.


  • Handles For Days: You’re the dude with the rock most of the time. You wanna dance on your defenders without gassing out? This badge is a must-have.


  • Speed Booster: To blow by defenders like they’re mannequins, you need that extra burst…



Shooting Guard (SG)

  • Blow-By: Man, when you see that lane, and you wanna coast by your defender like a breeze, this badge got you. Drive the lane and see magic happen.


  • Hyperdrive: When you’re on the break, or even just sizing up your defender, moving quickly with the ball is straight sauce. Your defender won’t see it coming.


  • Triple Strike: You wanna keep your defender guessing? Master the triple-threat game and watch them sweat.


  • Unpluckable: Nothing’s worse than a steal when you’re about to make a move. Secure the bag (or in this case, the ball) with this badge.



Small Forward (SF)

  • Break Starter: So you snatched that defensive board, now what? Turn that defense into a quick offense. Outlet passes are your secret weapon.


  • Needle Threader: Driving lanes, tight windows, whatever. Make those impossible passes look easy.


  • Relay Passer: Quick ball movement is key. Add a shooting boost to it, and you’re golden…


  • Special Delivery: Why just pass when you can pass with style? Flex on ’em with those flashy dimes.



Power Forward (PF)

  • Post Playmaker: Down in the trenches but got that vision? Boost your squad’s shots when you’re dishing out from the post.


  • Touch Passer: Fast-paced ball movement is the vibe. Make every touch count with quicker, smarter passes.


  • Bail Out: Got caught up while driving or shooting? Don’t trip; this badge got your back.


  • Physical Handles: Just ’cause you’re a big don’t mean you can’t handle the rock. Keep defenders off you with this one.



Center (C)

  • Post Playmaker: Centers get busy in the post, and this badge is your bread & butter. Elevate your post game and your teammates’ shooting.


  • Break Starter: Grabbed that board? Bet. Turn that defensive play into a fast-break opportunity with dime passes.


  • Special Delivery: Big man alley-oops or even setting them up? Either way, it’s about to be a poster. Make each one count.


  • Bail Out: Defenders swarming you under the basket? Stay cool & pass out like a pro.


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