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NBA 2K24: Best Finishing Badges for Every Position

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Yo, hoopers!! So, you’ve copped NBA 2K24 and you’re ready to light up the scoreboard with those silky-smooth finishes, huh? But, hold up, before you lace up those virtual kicks and step onto the hardwood, you need the inside scoop. Not all badges are created equal, and if you wanna leave defenders in the dust and have the crowd hollering, you gotta know the essentials. It’s not just about the flash; it’s about getting that bucket. Whether you’re a slashing guard, a beastly big, or somewhere in between, we’ve got the lowdown on the best finishing badges for every position…



Point Guards (PG)

Point guards need to be quick, agile, and slippery. You’ll often be driving against bigger players, so these badges are clutch:


  • Acrobat: As the primary ball handler, changing up your shot in mid-air is essential, especially when bigger defenders try to send your shot to the third row.


  • Fast Twitch: PGs, you gotta be quick on your feet. Whether it’s a quick layup or a sneaky dunk, get that shot off before those bigs can even react.


  • Giant Slayer: When you’re facing off against those 7-footers, this badge will be your best friend.


  • Slithery: Slide through that defense like it’s nothing. Split those double teams and avoid getting stripped.



Shooting Guards (SG)

Shooting guards need that balance of speed and finishing ability. You’re versatile; you gotta be able to do it all:


  • Float Game: Sometimes, you need that gentle touch to float it over the defense.


  • Two Step: Mastering the eurostep and cradle layups will keep defenders on their toes.


  • Whistle: Driving hard and drawing contact is part of the SG game. Get those and-1 opportunities!


  • Posterizer: Sometimes, you just gotta put someone on a poster. This badge lets you catch bodies.



Small Forwards (SF)

You’re often the Swiss army knife on the floor. Athleticism and versatility are your game:


  • Aerial Wizard: Whether you’re catching oops or snagging putbacks, own the air around the rim.


  • Bunny: For those hop step layups and dunks, this badge has got you covered.


  • Precision Dunker: When you’re driving, sometimes you need that finesse. Add some flair to those finishes.


  • Spin Cycle: Spin moves can leave defenders in the dust, and with this badge, they won’t know what hit ’em.



Power Forwards (PF)

You’re a force in the paint but also have the agility to drive from the perimeter:


  • Backdown Punisher: When you’ve got a mismatch in the post, back ’em down and show ’em who’s boss.


  • Masher: Especially against smaller defenders, this badge lets you finish with authority.


  • Rise Up: If you’re in the paint, make sure everyone knows it. Dunk or posterize any opposition in your way.


  • Dream Shake: Keep defenders guessing with those post fakes and shimmies, then finish strong.



Centers (C)

Big men need to dominate the paint and capitalize on every opportunity near the rim:


  • Dropstepper: A classic big man move. This badge will let you pull off those post moves with efficiency.


  • Hook Specialist: Kareem would be proud. Nail those hooks every time…


  • Post Spin Technician: When defenders can’t handle your moves, spin off them for an easy finish.


  • Fearless Finisher: Absorb that contact, keep your focus, and get that bucket.


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