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NBA 2K24: Best Defense/Rebounding Badges for Every Position

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‘Sup, hoop heads! So, you’ve been grinding NBA 2K24 and you’re looking to give your MyPlayer the ultimate edge on the defensive end? Defense wins championships, after all. But with so many badges to pick from, and only a limited number to equip, it can get kinda overwhelming. No worries – I got you! Let’s break it down, position by position, and see which badges you absolutely gotta rock to make sure nobody’s dropping buckets on your watch.



Point Guards (PG):

Point Gods need to have that quickness and IQ on lock!


94 Feet: Put that full-court pressure on! This badge lets you press your man from the jump, making sure they’re sweating before they even cross half-court.


Ankle Braces: Ain’t nobody trying to be on the wrong side of a highlight reel. Keep your ankles safe from those shifty ball handlers.


Clamps: Absolute must for PGs. You’re up against some of the quickest dudes on the floor. Lock ’em down, no drives allowed.


Pick Dodger: These guards love setting screens, but with this, you’ll be gliding past them like they’re not even there.


Fast Feet: For those moments when you’re up against a speed demon, this badge ensures you ain’t left in the dust. Keep up, and shut ’em down.



Shooting Guards (SG):

Combo of speed and shot contest is the name of the game here.


Challenger: Going up against some sniper-like shooters at the SG spot. Contest those shots and make them second guess.


Glove: Anticipate their moves, reach in, and disrupt their flow.


Interceptor: SGs gotta be ready to jump those passing lanes, turning defense into a quick offense.


Off-Ball Pest: Some of these SGs love running off screens. Stick to ’em, make their life miserable without the ball.



Small Forwards (SF):

Versatility’s the word. Lockdown both outside and inside.


Chase Down Artist: Flex that athleticism. Even if they think they got a clear lane, you’re coming in hot with that surprise block.


Boxout Beast: Especially useful for SFs who like to crash the glass. Get in there and fight for those boards.


Post Lockdown: You might find yourself up against bigger players trying to post you up. Deny them that comfort.


Rebound Chaser: Grabbing those long rebounds or swooping in for the unexpected offensive board? Say less.



Power Forwards (PF):

Gotta be that dominant force in the paint while also keeping an eye on stretch fours.


Anchor: Make sure they think twice before driving in. If they come into your paint, serve up a block party.


Pogo Stick: Super handy for those multiple contests or snagging boards amongst trees…


Work Horse: Dive for those loose balls, show them you want it more. The grind don’t stop.


Immovable Enforcer: Body up against other bigs. No more getting backed down.



Centers (C):

The big dog in the middle. Dominate the paint, and let them know it’s your house.


Brick Wall: Set those screens and let your guards get free -> They’ll thank you for it…


Boxout Beast & Rebound Chaser: This is your territory. Every board that comes off is yours. Period.


Post Lockdown: Battle against other giants. Deny them their moves and frustrate them all game.


Right Stick Ripper: Every so often, they’ll test you. When they do, be ready to snatch it right from them.


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